Dirty Thoughts Part I  

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11/11/2005 10:46 am

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Dirty Thoughts Part I

Today I am extremely horny and cant stop thinking about fucking and thought I would fantasize a little and share my wetness with you and I came across something that made me so wet its unreal. I added a few of my own twist
so here goes:

I approached him and he scooted his chair back from the table and turned so I could sit on his lap which I did. I straddled his legs leaving my panties on and sat down. His hands came around me and pulled me into him, my breasts crushing against his chest, my lips finding his in a deep wet kiss. I felt his tongue slide between my lips. His hands slid around my nice round ass and he pulled me into his cock. I continued to kiss and lick him deeply, rotating my hips on his hardness through his pants. You are so fucking hot he whispered in my ear and his hands kneaded the soft flesh of my backside as he continued to thrust his midsection into me. He kissed my ear, then along my neck. Then all of a sudden 4 of his friends walk in and he says take your panties off, then let each of them feel you! He moved back to watch and sat down, his eyes devouring the scene before him. I looked at ALL the men. I could see the hard lumps in each of their pants. Putting a thumb in the waistband of my skimpy panties I slowly rolled them down. As I bent to push them past my knees I knew they all had a clear view of my drenched pussy.

"Your pussy felt so good through your panties, I bet it feels even better now." one of them said, reaching out and letting his hand slide across my ass, then down through the wet folds before him. Two fingers slid easily into me.
"Ohhhhhhh yes." I groaned rotating my hips further back to trap more of the invading fingers. He pulled both fingers from me, then slid them back in until they were fully embedded in my cunt. As his fingers slipped from me the second time, I stepped forward in front of one of the others, spreading my legs enough to give him full access to my pouting pussy.
His hand slid between my legs, his fingers grazing my throbbing clit before disappearing into my hot wet opening. Once again I looked over for my lover. I could see him breathing deeply as he watched his friends finger me. I could feel my knees growing weak as they slid their fingers back and forth inside me. My juices leaked onto their hands. When they pulled their fingers from my drenched hot wet pussy, one of them brought them to his lips, licking my juices from them.
"You were right he said, good enough to eat." He grinned up at me as I moved over to his friend. When he reached between my legs, his fingers also grazed the hard love button. I felt my body began to convulse slightly as a slight orgasm washed through me. "Oh yes, I'm cumming." I moaned, forcing his fingers into me deeply. I bounced up and down on the invading fingers as I covered his hand with my pent up passion. The moment was too much. His mouth opened to accept the surprise gift of my heaving breast. My hot nipple felt as if it would burn a hole in his tongue as he sucked me into his mouth. His fingers were busy working what he could of me.

I regained my composure enough to push myself back up, and now looked over at my husband with glazed eyes. His friend pulled his fingers from me and offered them to me. Grabbing his hand with both of mine, I sucked his fingers into my mouth hungrily licking my sticky liquid from his fingers.
I only had one more of his friends left and he hadn't had the opportunity to feel me up. I turned and on wobbly knees walked over to the last man. I stared down at him as I approached. Sometime since I had turned my back to him, he had pulled his hard manhood from the tight confines of his slacks. His thick slick shaft stood up proudly as I approached. I could see the large purple head throbbing, leaking pre-cum droplets.
My mind was ablaze now at how good it would feel to have a nice hard cock jammed deeply into me. I was still aware of my husband also sitting across the room. Did he want me to go this far? Had I taken things past what he wanted? I turned half around and looked at him. My eyes ablaze with lust. If he didn't give me the go a
head I would stop. He smiled at me and nodded.
Turning back to his friend I took the last step to him. I straddled his legs, staring lustfully in his eyes as I did. He slid down in the chair enough to make me access to his hard prick easier, then slowly put his hands on my hips. Reaching down, I grabbed his hot cock at the base and slowly began to sit down on it. My entire body shook as I felt the first strange cock since I had been married.
I lowered myself slowly until I first felt the large throbbing head touch my drenched lower lips. "This is going to feel so good, so good." I whispered as I closed my eyes and slowly worked the strange cock into my hot pussy. He was no more than half in when I erupted in a second, much more intense orgasm. Letting go of the base of his shaft I put my arms around his neck and nestled him fully into me. My breasts crushed against his chest as I hugged him and began bouncing up and down on the hard shaft lodged deeply into me.
He worked his hands up and down over my soft buttocks, helping me bounce on his hard rod. He could feel the envious eyes of the other three men as I bounced up and down on his ready to explode manhood.
"Oh baby, I’m gonna cum." He said, forcing himself deeply into me.
"It's ok,do it." I moaned, still trying to impale myself further onto him. I wiggled from side to side, my eyes tightly closed as he pushed into me one last time. I could feel his hot meat twitch as the first shot of hot cream shot deep within me. He continued plunging until the last of his seed was gone. His hands released their grip on my soft fleshy ass and he laid his head back on the chair. I kissed him, then slowly dislodged myself from him. Glancing over at one of the others, I saw my second hard cock of the night. I didn't look back at my hubby this time for approval.
Standing up I felt the rush of his jism spill from mer as I moved over to one of the others. I sat down fully on his long slender love stick and began immediately working his shaft up and down inside of my already drenched pussy. He sucked one of my tits into his mouth as I pummeled up and down on his hard cock. I felt my body begin to slide into another orgasm as he groaned and from the feel of his sudden spearing of my hot cunt and knew he too was shooting deep within me. Neither man had lasted very long, just long enough for me to feel two strange cocks and want the other two.
My orgasm subsided in unison with his. I slid from his wilting prick and stood on unsteady feet. Turning, I saw the other two men were ready for me. Each had their cocks out and smiled lewdly at me........

More to cum later


sircookalot 51M
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11/11/2005 3:53 pm

purry purry purry, forget popcorn and porn flicks- you should start a new career= reading parts one and two were so erotic! If the fantasy ever comes to be a true desire- count me in! I would love to make those loins of your pang of desire.

Plano69 54M

11/12/2005 9:39 pm

Purry... that was so naughty... I loved it! You've got me so hot right now... I may not make it to part 2...

rm_PurryKitty2 48M/50F
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11/13/2005 7:15 am

Lets make Part IV together Plano


rm_PurryKitty2 48M/50F
9753 posts
11/27/2005 1:39 pm


I am about to write part V.


rm_PurryKitty2 48M/50F
9753 posts
12/8/2005 3:11 am


Looking forward to you writing part II....

Anxiously waiting



pASSionwantd2 50M
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2/1/2006 9:25 pm


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