It's the Trifecta  

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8/2/2005 6:19 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

It's the Trifecta

Well, my cancelled meeting from last week is reset and we are doing Friday. She is all set to plead the case for me not to fire my employee. Her arguments should be a blast to hear. She is all set to watch Perry Mason and other law shows and really put a case together. Habeus corpus, motus operendi, post mortem, sleepimus wit youamus, oh what latin phrases will she use to seduce my senses and keep me from firing my employee???

Seems she had a bad day today and was thrilled that I called and lifted her spirits. She lifted mine as well with her infectious laugh.

Been a great day for responses since two other women I contacted have replied today. One very kindly let me know that my tendency toward the DOM/sub interaction was not her thing and I respect that. We all have our personal tastes and preferences and should not be shy about stating them. She at least had the courtesy to reply which is more than many of the women on the site (shame on anyone that doesn't reply to a contact). I like her style and hope that in time maybe our paths will cross again and we can become friends and talk freely with one another. She seems to have quite a discerning mind and I like her thoughts from her postings.

The other reply however, was very favorable and we are just beginning to talk. I look forward to learning more of this women.

Three women, each different, each beautiful in her own way. Each in search of of fulfillment and each crossed my path. Now that is awesome. That my friends is called a Trifecta at the races.

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