Fantasy (similar to the simple story)  

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11/25/2005 1:44 am

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Fantasy (similar to the simple story)

Rakhi asked everybody about their fantasy - my fantasy is similar to what actually happened, but as is usually true the reality wasn't quite like my fantasy - here it is:

Well my fantasy is nice and simple. The first few times I would meet my woman, we wouldn't get completely naked, but keep our underwear on. And then we would simply rub against each other until we come. We would do this the first 2 times we met. Then the third time, I would slowly take her (or your) panties off with my mouth. And then I would start licking her clit. First slowly then fast. And then finger. But no fucking. The fourth time, she would take my underwear off with her mouth, and suck me until I come. The fifth time, we would both get completely naked, but still, no fucking. I would rub my penis against her pussy, until I cum on her, and rub my cum on her clit, and make her cum that way. The 6th time, finally, yes we would fuck - with a condom. It would be a nice and slow fuck. Something relaxing. There would be a lot of licking and touching. I like licking a woman's ear lobe, and love it when a woman sucks on my ear, on the back my neck. Suck her nipples, rub some lotion on her back and her breasts, massage her slowly, smoothly, then gently part her legs, and put my penis inside her. Then push inside, first keeping it shallow, then deeper, and then deeper.... The next and final time, we would know each other well enough that the woman would be taking birth control pills - why is this important? Because this last time, I would not use a condom. My penis and her wet soft pussy would be touching, with absolutely nothing between us. We would fuck hard, then gentle then hard. Then when I cum inside her, I would rub my cum inside her pussy, and lick her clean, and then have her lick my dick clean, until we go again, and again, and again...

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