Observations on Dating  

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2/19/2006 9:23 am

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Observations on Dating

I know there are a million nerds out there who were shaken to their core by the movie The Forty Year Old Virgin. Even the lucky ones who have had sex were shocked to actually see what a life of self-enforced celebacy might do to a man. It certainly drove home to me how little I know about women and dating. So I'm taking a crash course in relationships. Here I'm going to try to record my observations and elicit some feedback from more experienced folks (who can be more experienced at relationships than AdultFriendFinder-ers?).

Of course, these conclusions assume the relationship is not built on anything mimicking true love. Few relationships I've seen in the last couple months are anything more than, "Nice shoes, wanna fuck?"

Throughout this blog I'll use the terms "Love", "love", "like", and others similar to these. "Love" and "love" are shades of each other.

The capital-L denotes a strong friendship and meeting of minds, as well as an intangible compatibility that leads to a once in a lifetime closeness. Highly unlikely.

It's lower-l cousin is an attraction of mutual respect and kindness. This is a person who satisfies you, but can't fulfill your basic dream of your significant other. If you have this, you can live your life happily anyway.

"Like" and others in it's category is far more ephemeral than the l/Love's. You may only be able to stand this person for a night of sex before you have to send them away. Maybe there's a time limit on your attraction to a person you "like". You certainly don't spare much respect for this person.

These terms do ignore platonic friendships, because frankly that's an aspect of dating I'm all too familiar with and will not explore any further.

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