Observations on Dating #2  

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2/19/2006 9:27 am

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Observations on Dating #2

So I was out at the bar with a good friend and he was trying his damndest to show me how to pick up chicks. I must admit, he's really good at it. Walking suavely up to a girl on the dance floor, he struck up a conversation and waded through her bullshit responses like a master plumber. After the song was over, he had her number.

Frankly, my problem isn't a lack of confidence or predatory instinct. It's pure ignorance.

Example: another buddy was hanging out with this girl at a table, hand in her pocket and cuddled right up. My friend showing me the ropes introduced me to her and suggested I try to take her home later that night. But me, the superior dumbass I am, backed off because she was clearly with our other friend. Clearly, right? Not so.

Turns out she was his fuck-of-last-resort, and he would probably have been relieved if I had taken her off his hands. Who'd'a thunk it!?

So the lesson I learned that night is that appearances are deceiving and nobody, nobody, nobody is really all that attached to the person they're fucking (or going to fuck) when it comes to the shallow relationships that form and break up in today's society.

Women are still a strange tropical bird, but I'm learning their feeding habits.

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