Observations on Dating #1  

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2/19/2006 9:24 am

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Observations on Dating #1

Most guys look at women as conquests, like climbing a mountain or exploring the solar system. A guy wants to say, "I've been there." This attitude seems to be reenforced continuously throughout the dating process. My friends are always on the prowl, and most of them are often caught looking over the fence at uncharted territory (sometimes they are caught with their penises poking through the fence, but R. Kelly tells that story better than I could).

Women also see men as conquests. Instead of, "I've been there." women prefer to say, "I was with him." The relationship itself is often more important than the man. Women will also put up with a bad man if they think they can change him in some way. They remind me of grafitti artists who will climb to the most dangerous perch on the subway tressel to make changes to another artist's work, with no thought to who could actually see the tagging.

Frankly, I have noticed that the most successful hunters of poon are the best liers. My friends will tell a girl straight-faced that they'll call, or that they'll hang out all week, but in reality they would prefer to spend the week in a bear trap. There's no connection between physical attraction and emotional/mental attraction anymore.

It's so difficult to find that spark of mental love, that most guys just stoop to whatever orifice is available. Ladies, that means that you have to settle for the physical loving and understand this, or stop listening to men altogether. Sorry.

But frankly women lie to themselves more often than men do. Who could possibly believe the tripe that men tell them? What are you thinking?

That's what I'm trying to find out. These thought processes seem so alien to me. Hooking up has a language as seperate from English or PHP as the language of Love is supposed to be.

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