Ugh, no sleep and not time make me something something  

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11/14/2005 8:04 am

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Ugh, no sleep and not time make me something something

Sorry all, no dream description this morning because I slept like someone who didn't, and I wasted all my time this morning reading other blogs. But since Tiller asked and she's too nice to ignore, I promise later tonight.

I hear my pic is finally approved...three days later. It's blurred because I took the smudge tool to it in case anyone thought it was just bad camera work. If it were my bad camera work, there'd be a thumb in there since I'm notorious for that. I'd post the real one, but as I said, I'm not huge on Internet stuff. (I might want to run for political office one day?) If you ask for E-mail and all that, then after I've gotten to know you better, I'd be more willing to send pictures of me (the few that exist, I am notorious for my ability to intentionally avoid cameras of any kind. Friends have to come up with new and creative ways to catch me.) Have to rethink that "in the window" shot because I woke up this morning and thought I looked too skinny.

Ok, off to work. Bai bai.

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