Turning a Bad Day Into a Good Story  

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Turning a Bad Day Into a Good Story

She sighed contentedly at finally being home, coming in the door and slipping into the kitchen, setting her keys down on the counter and hanging up her coat. Then she headed into the living room and found what she really had been looking for now that she was home. Only she found him asleep on the couch, face down and contorted into a position that could only be described as uncomfortable. She smiled and gently shook her head.
He must've had a rough one. He only sleeps like that when he's had a bad day.

Quietly, she slipped over to the sleeping form, admiring the muscles in his back which were now plainly visible to her as his shirt had ridden up almost to the armpits. She leaned down and slipped her hands onto his shoulders, softly working at the tension she could feel within, wanting to relax him a bit before she roused him from his slumber.

He stirred ever so slightly in his sleep and let out a deep sigh, and she smiled again, leaning down to kiss his neck and lightly lick at his ear.

"C'mon honey, time to wake up", she whispered.

He started up suddenly, nearly smacking the back of his head into her face, but she knew how often he awoke this way and had deftly avoided him. When he realized who it was and where he was, he calmed and laid back down.

"Oh...hi..is it that late already? Sorry I fell asleep...let me get up and we'll get dinner..." came the fabric-muffled acknowledgement.
"Sshhhh. You must've had another one of those days huh?"
"Yeah well...you know...", he mumbled.
"Well mama's going to make it all better. C'mon"
She helped him to his feet, and he staggered ever so slightly as the blood rushed to his brain and threw off centers of balance while limbs that still fought to wake up reacclimated to their surroundings. Taking him by the hand, she led her groggy lover towards the bedroom.
"I thought we were going to get dinner..."
She responded by pressing him down to a sitting position on the end of the bed. Still floating between this world and the dream world, he didn't protest as she slipped his shirt off and leaned him back. Then she went to work on his jeans, dragging them down his legs together with his underwear. Folded neatly, they found their way over to an unused corner of the room, joined shortly thereafter by her own clothes.

Time to put him to sleep the right way...
The seductress came out to play now as she crawled along his prostate form, ever hardening nipples dragging along his hot flesh, the sleeping member between his legs suddenly engulfed in the warm recesses of her mouth. He moved to protest finally at the sudden sensation of her lips and tongue working at him.
"You don't have to..." he tried to say, but it was cut off by an extra hard suckle and a swipe of the tongue along that sensitive spot. She knew what she wanted, and he was in no position to argue. His efforts to reach for her were also rebuffed; she needed nothing extra tonight to get her started, her juices already flowly freely from the feel and taste of him in her mouth and the anticipation of what was to come.

Once she had him to his full size and stiffness, she let lips meet lips, keeping him quiet and subdued by means of her sensual kisses. His shaft slid into her slippery depths and she sighed into his mouth, always loving the feel of that initial penetration, how it filled her just right every time. She soon began to move, her hips gently undulating as she moaned and whimpered softly in his ears, loving how much it excited him to hear her express her pleasure aloud.
"Oh, you should let me get you off first. I'm going to cum too quickly this way..."
"Mmm good. That's what I want. Cum for me baby...don't hold back on me...just let it all go...that's it..." she whispered in that soft succubus tone she used whenever she wanted him to cum.
He gasped as her walls clenched around him, still trying to ensure her climax by fighting the urge to release into her depths. She wasn't fooled though.
"No, stop that." she chided quietly. "I want you to cum for me. C'mon, do it. Fill me up with your cum. Fill my pussy."
"Oh..I'm gonna.."
Her hips moved faster now, swirling in circles as her inner muscles squeezed and sucked at that which filled her so well, trying to draw out her prize. He pressed up at her involuntarily, and she knew he was close.
"Yessss that's it. C'mon, fill me up. Do it. Cum inside me. Ohhh, cum for me.."
"Ah!..I'm cumming...filling you...oh.." The orgasm washed over him like a gentle wave, flowing out and into her depths and taking with it all the stress and anguish of the day.
"Yesss I feel it baby, that's it fill me up so good..." She shuddered, the feeling of him pulsing inside her giving her a small gentle cum of her own. Then she lay upon him, running her fingers lovingly through his hair and kissing his neck, whispering how much she loved it when he filled her, how satisfied she was, how he needed to sleep now. He drifted off into her words, falling once again into the world of dreams, only this time with ease and comfort. The slow even sound of his breathing once again brought a smile to her face, and she too slipped off to join him in dreamland.

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Wow! Good story.

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