The Great Immigration Debate  

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5/2/2006 10:26 pm

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The Great Immigration Debate

So, in lieu of the Monday protests, I had to chime in on this one more thoroughly than my post about the Spanish Star Spangled banner.

First off, let's dispell some misconceptions. The protests in America are not about legal immigration or border security, they are illegal immigrants demanding amnesty. They're not "undocumented workers" either, since most of them HAVE documents, just fake ones. They claim that America cannot function without them, so they deserve amnesty, or some such. They claim they love this country and can/do contribute more than anyone gives them credit for. I find this laughably ironic considering they tried to prove this by...yep, stopping contributing to go wave their home country's flag and hoping to damage the American economy in the process.
Unfortunately for them, the effect of their protest was minimal and mostly negative. Really all that happened was they pissed off a lot of people who, up till that point, didn't really care what happened to them.

This is just another group trying to blackmail the US government with the media to get it to do something. Unfortunately, they'll think they've won because it simply isn't practical to deport all those people, beyond it simply not being PC. So what do we do with all the people already here? Well, I'm taking amnesty off the table because of their protest, just because I hate people that use the media in this fashion. And, we don't need them to do work. They're simply a convenient labor source because they want to work unlike most lazy Americans. If there's a job to be done, somebody, somewhere will take it, but possibly for a higher wage. Either a business eats that cost or prices go up. Either way, nothing drastic happens to our economy.

Instead, I propose three options now. One: Get your ass to the back of the line. Two: Pay the government a significant sum of money (way more than the meager $2000 someodd fine people have proposed but instead equivalent to the average amount of money and time it takes a person who does it legally to get in) Three: Serve a certain amount of time in the US military. Most people don't like the military bit understandably, because if they skipped into the border, how can you trust them to be in the military? Plus, how can you allow non-citizens to serve? Well, I take a page from Starship Troopers (as much as that movie sucked): "Service garuntees citizenship." Put your life on the line for my country, then I know you're worth keeping around.

Once you meet the requirements, you get to be a citizen and no longer have to fear being sent home for having snuck in. Until then, you have to worry that the America Club's bouncer is going to find out you snuck past him while he was busy checking out the hot blondes and drag your sneaking ass back to the door and toss you out.

As to the border, it should be controlled. People like to bring up the past to argue the fairness of keeping people out. Well, let's examine the differences between then and now.

In the beginning, the US was mostly empty space. There was plenty of room for Native Americans and Europeans to live together if they wanted. However, the imperialistic nations that were colonizing the Americas considered the Natives to be savages incapable of properly using the land. So, if we're going to compare the people streaming across the Southern border to my ancestors, then I have to assume that I am now considered a "native american" and the people coming across the border consider me a savage incapable of using my land. Therefore, they will either kill me off or kick me off it. In such case, those immigrants are an invading army that needs to be fought. Sounds silly right? So is comparing the immigration of Europeans/Asians in years past. It's a different world.

Yes, the motivations for coming to America now are still much the same, desire for a new life, escape from oppression and persecution, but, even those that came in the past had to come through the proper channels once the nation was established. They had stops in places like Ellis Island to register, and there were quotas for various countries as there are now. And back then, America was had quite a bit of unclaimed territory (even with the natives). Those that came and settled made their own lives and did not increase the drain on the nations' resources because largely, they were all self sufficient.

Beyond all that though, the source of this problem has little to do with America's immigration policies and everything to do with the status of the countries south of America. People wouldn't be moving en masse towards America if they could live comfortably in their home nations. It is impossible for the US to support the populations of the entirety of Latin America, which might very well become the case if we open the border to anyone who wants in all at once. What America must do is the same thing it must do elsewhere in the world, find ways to break the strangleholds of dictators/warlords and create self sustaining nations that grant citizens the same rights, priviledges, and opportunities we enjoy here. But we can't do that alone, we need people who would have moved here to stay and help out by fighting to change their nations rather than protesting in ours.

Bottom line, a lot of people want in to America, and just like any place lots of people are heading towards, there's a line. If you want in here, you have to get in it. We're not xenophobic, we're not saying you have no right to come here, and we don't have anything against Latinos. There's just a whole lot of them trying to get here all at once.

And make no mistake, if you come here, then be prepared to become an American. Learn English and use it in public, as it is the common go-between language. Respect our existing culture and let us assimilate yours at our own pace, rather than stuffing it down our throats by refusing to learn our existing customs, methodologies, etc. And whatever you do, don't bitch about how we don't respect you for cutting the line so many other honest people have stood in, just be happy you beat the system.

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5/5/2006 3:02 pm

Howdy Guy !!! im overdue cumin to see ya!!, my apologies

The protests in America are not about legal immigration or border security, they are illegal immigrants demanding amnesty.

Absolutely so!!! even as a canadian, i cannot understand that some support their "blackmail" ... and dont call an illegal, "illegal" ... it blows my mind to see some calling them immigrants .. .when they arent even close to that.

i bet it makes people support strong legislation, and backfires on them.


rm_Ptalk1155 replies on 5/5/2006 3:28 pm:
Hiya Lil, long time no see!

They're usually called "undocumented workers" rather than "illegal immigrants" because here in America we can't call an apple an apple. That would be too uncomfortable for the people easily offended.

I agree, it will probably backfire.

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