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4/27/2006 1:32 pm

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The Amazing Write Ptalk

So, all this recent profile reading has made me think about changing mine a bit. (You ladies have some interesting ways of trying to throw guys off in your profiles too lol) As such, I'll take a page from Caressmewell's book and give all of you bloggers out there the opportunity to rewrite my profile. Entries can be submitted via comments on this post until Monday, May 1st at Noon EST. I'll pick a winner and use the profile they submitted until...hmm...well until I get bored and change it

For anyone who can't view it, my current profile reads:

Profile for Ptalk1155
Describe me eh? Hmm...

Well, I'm basically your average 20 something male. Not a whole lot to go on there right? Well that's good, because I think it's much more fun to find out about someone from chatting with them than it is to have them write up some description that may or may not be true. What I think I am, and what you think I am would be different, would they not?

After all, I could say I'm flirty and fun and creative. I could say I'm opinionated and straightforward. I could also say I have a tendency to blend in with the background until something encourages me out to play. But having met me, you may decide that I'm none, some, or all of those things.

My Ideal Person:
I look first and foremost for a personality. Sure, we all get interested in beautiful bodies but I'm not one of those guys who walks around with radar pinging every "hot" female in the room, so T&A aren't going to get my attention. But, if I'm standing there, and I overhear a woman talking about something interesting, then I'm likely to take an interest in her.

I look for rare things like grace and elegance, and I like to feel like any woman I'm with is comfortable with being herself, either with me or with others. I like her to challenge me as a person. That's not to say I'm submissive looking for a mistress, or looking for an argument on every little thing. All of that other good stuff should be tempered with playfulness, particularly in the bedroom.

As far as physical characteristics, I don't have too much of a preference, though I sometimes find I lean towards brown-eyed brunettes.

If you want all my question responses and such you'll have to mail me or ask specifically in a comment because that will make this post a bit too long for my tastes.

I may actually post a couple more pictures too, but we'll wait and see what you all come up with before that...

caressmewell 53F

4/27/2006 1:56 pm

Gee, where has this kinda contest been done before?

rm_Ptalk1155 replies on 4/27/2006 2:06 pm:
I thought I had included a mention of it being your idea a while back but I must've deleted it while I was editing it...all fixed now

caressmewell 53F

4/27/2006 2:48 pm

I was just razzing you...but thank you for the mention.

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