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LoL sometimes on this site I have a tendency to be surrounded by opposition. See, most of the people I come across are either quite liberal (Duh, it's a sex site...) or likely to blame the US/President Bush (or both)

They're still good people for the most part, and many of them are well spoken, like Frogger and FreeLove. However, it's a bit...unnerving to read their blogs lol. I love to discuss politics...or maybe I just like to argue. But I also hate that it's almost impossible to convince someone of your side of things when it comes to a political issue if they have an opinion already.

Me, I'm pretty much impossible to convince, but that's due less in part to being stubborn (which I am) and more in part to do with how I approach an issue. I usually can see and understand both sides of an issue and easily can argue one side or the other. I also don't make a decision until I've considered every angle I can find.
I'm told this is a Libran tendency, and is great in that it makes me a fantastic diplomat, but terrible in that it can lead to indecision. Fortunately for me in the heat of the moment, instinct typically takes over. But what all that means is simply that once I have made up my mind, I know it's highly unlikely there's not something I haven't considered and dismissed.

So, what the hell does that have to do with Liberals and anti-Bush/US people?

Quite simply, most liberals are wrong. And Mr. Bush is not responsible for the vast majority of the evils of world, nor the US for that matter.

I'm sick of people knocking the President as if he were the worst President ever, the first one to do anything that could be scandalous, and/or the first one that couldn't put a coherent sentence together with two hands and a flashlight. I guess it's because people couldn't see through Clinton's bullshit. See Clinton was a master of talking so much that people never actually noticed all the stupid shit he did. Bush on the other hand doesn't talk unless he has to. Personally, I think if I were President I'd be the same way. I don't believe in electing a leader and then micromanaging them via the press and public opinion. So I have no sympathy when the White House press corps doesn't get to talk to the President whenever they feel the need.

The other thing is, I hate how the press in this country (and abroad) completely misrepresents issues and events in order to achieve their goal of bringing down this administration. The two foremost examples being the wire-tapping issue and the Dubai port issue. These are places where the President's unwillingness to get involved in partisan bickering and media frenzy hurts because rather than getting on TV and presenting the actual facts, he's not saying anything.

Let me clear it up for all of you once and for all. The wire-taps were legal, approved by Congress, and conducted on international phone calls only. And, even if that weren't true, if you think you can make a phone call and have an expectation of privacy, you're delusional. You're already sharing that call with another person who can go right ahead and tell whomever they want about it. If that weren't enough, that call is routed through all kinds of places that no doubt monitor it for at the very least its signal quality and at the worst for words like "bomb", "President", and "jihad". Thinking your phone call is private would be like thinking posting in my blog is private. Maybe back when your phone was a pair of cans with a string connecting them you could consider your call private.

The ports deal is another one totally overblown. Democrats jumped on it thinking they could beat the President at his own game, but totally (as usual) forgot to get the facts. Here's how it works, a company in an Arab country (pretty much the only one ACTUALLY FRIENDLY with us) buys a British company which owned a bunch of little companies that manage and operate the port. Words like "controls" and "owns" are a gross exaggeration of that company's involvement in our ports. (Oh, and by the way, the Chinese have a similar deal going on with ports on the west coast, but nobody's complaining about how President Clinton let that happen are they?) What does that mean for the port itself? Nothing. Nothing at all. Nothing will change so long as the port remains profitable and those profits translate upwards.

People claim Bush is the one causing the divide in this country. From watching how things developed, I think that's bullshit. The Democrats continue to fight over the silliest things and exaggerate everything into some sort of life-ending, freedom-killing, benefits-stealing crisis. They spend all their time comparing Bush to Hitler and none of their time actually offering solutions that make sense. Hillary's supposed to run for President, and she just spent her time drafting a bill to help enforce the ratings system on video games by imposing fines on retailers who sell to minors...I could go on alllll day about that. Hell take Alito. I watched all three days of those hearings. You know what the primary evidence the Democrats had that Alito was some kind of neo-con hell bent on killing off Roe v Wade? A job application 20 years ago that he was a member of an organization in college that had written some satyrical pieces that some dumbass took literally and a ruling that backed a conclusion that a police warrant was in order, but the police happened to strip search a little girl while following the approved warrant which allowed for that possibility.

And Hollywood jumps on the band wagon like they have some fucking idea of how to solve complex socioeconomic problems. Most of them never even graduated HIGH SCHOOL for Chrissakes.

You know what the funny thing is? I'm not a Republican. I'm barely even a conservative. And I certainly am not a religious person. But once I've taken the time to critically and logically examine an issue, I usually end up on the conservative side. Why? Because even if religion is stodgy, it originated with logical ideas about setting up some rules. And even though Republicans are stodgy, they're business people who can't make money on emotional stupidity.

In my short life, here's where I'm at:
Abortion is wrong.
Actors are overpaid.
Affirmative Action hurts way more than it helps.
Athletes are overpaid.
Being a stay at home mom is a GOOD THING.
Being blue collar is OK!
Death penalty is an option.
Doctors are overpaid.
Drugs should be legal and regulated
Gay marriage debate is nothing more than semantics
Homosexuality is not a disease or evil
Hospitals cannot be for-profit institutions.
It is never "None of our business" or "not our problem"
National health care is necessary. The government is responsible for the health and safety of its population and this falls under that heading.
News media cannot be for-profit institutions.
Paparazzi should be banned.
Practicing/Discussing/Displaying religion in the public square and in the government is not abridging freedom of religion but is in fact, following it.
Prostitution should be legal and regulated
Religion is a good idea corrupted by bad humans using it as a tool for control.
Social security is broken and a backwards system to begin with. We should be teaching people to save money and stop maxing credit cards.
Some children get left behind, it's called natural selection.
Speed limits are worthless.
Statistics and polls have no bearing on anything.
Teacher unions should never be allowed. Nor should tenure.
Terrorism EXISTS and is the most major obstacle to global unity to date.
Terrorism is a threat to EVERYONE.
There's nothing evil about sex if its consentual.
War is often necessary
War against asshole dictators is justified
We are at war with terror whether or not we choose to admit it

I'm sure there's more, but I'm tired and I want to sleep. If you want any clarification on any of those, or even a more detailed explanation, comment, and I will write a whole post on it just for you when I get back from the convention.

Thanks for all your comments this week, I will respond to them tomorrow when I get a chance.

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3/15/2006 6:35 am

no know how I feel

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tired? of course you are...
who sleeps during a full moon?
check the comments in the blog as I answered
your note regarding the upcoming weekend astrological
energies! remember to breathe

Just a little food for thought.............
If you really want to be happy, nobody can stop you...

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3/19/2006 7:41 am

I would say Conservative with a few moderate tendencies. As for Bush...where oh where do I begin?

The wire taps issue I would have to investigate. BUT just because we shouldn't have an expectation of privacy does not make it legal

The Dubia Ports issue was overblown in a BIPARTISAN manner...don't pick on Dems only.

As for the divide in this was already there but Bush promised to help alleviate it...then did the exact opposite. Take another listen to his "I have a Mandate" speech. Basically it was (as it has been all along) "I am going to do what I want and fuck anyone who disagrees with me"

No, Bush has not caused most of the problems in the world or US...but hell if he hasn't helped make them worse!

Well said on your part...I'm just one of the stubborn ones

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