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4/5/2006 11:36 pm

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Anyone who's read my blog knows I'm no real friend to religion, even though I defend people's right to practice it in public without government/liberal interference. But, as dumb as I think some religions are, Scientology I think takes the cake. And that says something considering the ridiculous things some of those other religions claim to believe as factual.

The latest thing I heard regarding Scientology that made me wince in pain as a few thousand of my brain cells spontaenously combusted just trying to process the idiocy of the idea, was that Scientology has strict rules regarding what you can and cannot say while delivering a baby. They call it a "silent birth." And John Travolta supports our favorite whackjob Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in their having one. The silent birth requires she not yell obscenities or make loud noises. "Scientology-friendly labor doesn't forbid the mum-to-be from yelling out in pain: 'Screaming is fine... It's the words. If you can avoid saying certain phrases and words... Just try to keep it as quiet as possible. Of course you're going to groan and yell. It hurts. Just keep it to a minimum.'" The inside quote is from Kelly Preston, another supporter of Cruise.

LoL. I'm sorry. I expect if I ever get married, knock up my wife and she has to squeeze an 8lb 1 ounce baby like I was out of the same hole that has to be tight enough to make sex enjoyable, that she will be spewing profanity like none of us have ever imagined.

I have no idea what it is with Katie Holmes. I get Tom Cruise going crazy, but she had a nice little run with the Dawson's River kids.

Another recent Scientology amusement was when the voice actor for Chef on South Park decided to leave the cast because they did an episode making fun of the religion. Tom Cruise, in reaction to the episode, has threatened to refuse to publicize his own movie M3 (No doubt a flaming pile of dogshit anyway). Now if you're the voice actor for Chef for the past 9 years of South Park, I think, by then, you'd realize South Park's MO. It was ok when they did the episode that knocked on the Catholic priests molesting little boys, or the constant jabs at Jews, but we certainly can't diss the holier than thou Scientologists.

So, somebody on here has to be a scientologist. Please come by here and explain your wacky religion to me. It's supposed to be the search for truth according to the website, yet your spokespeople are just about the most egomaniacle nutjobs on the planet. Oh, and you have that application that asks me questions like "have I ever committed genocide?" or "have I ever completely wiped out a species?" Who the hell answers 'yes' to that even if you DID by some weird twist of fate do either?

Don't worry though, I'll make sure to pick on some of the other major religions also. I'm an equal opportunity kind of guy and I don't give safe harbor to anybody based on silly distinctions such as religion or political orientation.

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4/5/2006 11:57 pm

i am not a scientologist but i herd that katie holmes can not make a single moan. her mother can not be in the room. and after she has the baby she can not see the baby for 24 hrs after the birth. also scientlogist moms are not suppose to cuddle and kiss there kids when they get hurt instead they are suppose to lay the injerd part of the child on the item that hurt them so the pain can flow back into the item, also they can not treat them with any kind of medicine. i personally think that is a bunch of crap i have 2 kids both i used an epidural with, but with my first i tried to go with out one and i screamed at my husband evry dirty name in the book. i cursed him for doing it to me it was his fault i am in so much pain i even went so far as to try and grab his balls and sqeeze them so he could have a glimpse of the pain i was having. now i know me personally i could never go with out saying a singal word or groan, moan during pregnancy unless the epiderul was given to me at the begining of labor so i wouldnt feel a thing but they cant do that. but i bet that she does scream in pain. who can blame her she is a tiny girl this katie holmes and her tummy is huge she will crake for sure she will not be quit


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4/7/2006 5:27 am

    Quoting newaroundhere64:
    Wouldn't it be funny if L. Ron Hubbard were to come back and say, "Who would have believed any of this shit? It was a joke! Really!!!"


frogger1995 39F

4/8/2006 7:19 am

I think they are all wacky in some way or another. Just proves my point about religion (like every other institution on earth) being a part of the vast patriarchal conspiracy.

azman4u2have2 60M

4/8/2006 3:01 pm

It's truly a cult, based on worshiping L. Ron Hubbard. There is absolutely nothing religious about it, and I know, I was once very involved many years ago.

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4/8/2006 10:47 pm

Amber: Exactly! They say it's to keep from accidentally saying something hurtful or some nonsense.

Sexymamma: Yep, crap indeed.

Fly: Not exactly sure what you mean by Biblical. The Bible makes up its own rules too, just attributes them to a difference source.

Katey: Well, there's potential for abuse in all religion. Altar boys for instance...

Sexyfit: One of the great mysteries of the universe to be sure...

Nah: LoL that would not surprise me in the least...though I'm pretty sure he did it just for the money

Frogger: Yeah, all religions are whacky, but some get pretty dern whacky. I also can't agree that there is some kind of patriarchal conspiracy (since I have no idea to what you refer) and I don't really see how religion would tie into such a thing given they each compete for believers.

Azman: That does not surprise me. Arguably, all religions are cults. Glad you got out

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4/10/2006 12:13 pm

money,money money ,its all business with all organised religion and got fuck all to do with christ and his teachings

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