Saddletrampsk's First Guide to Trampdom  

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12/13/2005 10:34 pm

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Saddletrampsk's First Guide to Trampdom

Hello once again. We had such an overwhelming list of volunteers for our Seductive Strategies series, that we have to decided to present you yet another installment in Ptalk's Seductive Strategies. If you wish to be a volunteer for a demonstration, please contact Ptalk via AdultFriendFinder's blogging or E-mail functions.

Today, we have the lovely and talented SaddleTrampsk Saddletrampsk...what? Huh? You don't...You do? Are you sure that's what you want? alright if you insist...excuse me, Blogville's resident cum slut Saddletrampsk *sidelong glance at Saddle. She giggles and waves.* who will be demonstrating the fine art of fellatio to us today. What now? No. I can't tell them that. Ok ok, fine. My apologies again, she will be demonstrating the fine art of *looks up while trying to recall the exact wording* bringing a man to his knees by sucking his cock and draining his balls of every last drop of cum. *rolls his eyes* Anyway...

Unlike the massage technique, this can work on any man, regardless of his level of trust.

The first step in sucking the cum clean out of your man is to dress for the occasion. As you can see, Saddle has dressed in a tight T-shirt, which can barely withstand her awesome busom's size stretching it to the very limits of its capacity, and her short little shorts which practically expose everything she has. This is good for stimulating a man prior to engaging him in any way. *points to the lump in his pants*

The key to an expert cocksucking is desire. Nothing turns a man on more than knowing a woman wants to suck him dry and will savor every last drop. Men can spot a fake easily, so you need first learn to really enjoy the act.
Saddle's favorite method of accomplishing this is to beg for it. She first comes up to her target, and whispers that she wants to suck his cock and swallow his cum. As with most men, he is going to look at her a bit cross-eyed *looks at saddle cross-eyed* thinking this may just be a joke. Saddle, however, has her ways of proving otherwise.

First, she backs away and begins to play with herself, pulling up her T-shirt and working her breasts. Then she pulls down the shorts, reaching down to diddle herself, making sure to moan questions about whether or not she is desireable enough to be allowed to suck his cock. She even goes so far as to stick her fingers deep inside herself, pumping away for a bit, before pulling them out coated with her juices, raising them to her lips and slowly sucking them.

Saddle loses her T-shirt and shorts completely, and kneels before her man, pleading up at him with her eyes. Saddle's little show, of course, has her man ready. *points again at the aforementioned lump*

Now Saddle begins her begging routine, whispering how much she wants to suck my cock, and telling me she'll do anything for me if I'll just let her taste my cum. She'll masturbate herself to orgasm in front of all of Blogville, or kneel naked in a circle of Blogville's finest men as they are jerked off onto her by some of Blogville's finest women, just to taste my cock.

She continues to beg, while subtlely unzipping my pants and pulling them down. As my already stiff cock springs free, she's quick to praise it, telling me how pretty it is and how much she wants it in her mouth or between her tits. She's careful to stroke my male ego by insinuiating that only my cock will sate her hunger, and she is already addicted to it.

She starts with a slow jacking motion, and reaches up with her other hand to fondle my balls, moaning about how full of cum they must be and how much she wants to taste it. She begs for just a little taste, and I acquiesce. She drags her tongue over the head, "mmm"ing at the taste. My cock twitches in response, so she takes that as a sign bathing my cock in her saliva using her tongue.

Note how she moans apologies about being such a cum-slut, and how she needs to suck on it now or she'll go crazy, not waiting for a response before slipping her lips around it and sucking it deep into her mouth.

If you've lasted this long men, you're an awful tease and doing a good job making her work for it. Saddle enjoys having to work for it, so she starts to suck with all she has, swirling her tongue around it as she does so. Every few moments she lets it slip from her mouth so she can beg for my cum.

But, I'm a severe tease and I love to make her work for it, so I pull away from her mouth. I tell her to wet her fingers, and use them to coat her chest in her own juices. She complies eagerly, and describes in detail how she'll use that juice to help me fuck her lovely tits. She has me sit on something to make this easier. *little click of the remote and there's a couch upon which I sit*

Now ladies, if you don't have massive orbs like Saddle, you can opt out of this step, as it is not necessary, but it is a fun one if you can. Keep in mind anything bigger than an A cup will probably be enough.

Saddle wastes no time in surrounding my cock in silky smooth breast-flesh, pressing them together and beginning to raise and lower her self to fuck my cock between her tits. She quickly resumes her dirty talk about how much she enjoys its feel, and how much she want the cum it can provide. She also allows her tongue to slide out and lick the tip, capturing it between her lips when she can.

Saddle senses I'm starting to lose control of this situation and brings her best weapon to bare, the deep throat. In so doing, she takes the full length of my cock into her mouth by swallowing the tip of it into her throat. She'll have to give another lesson later in how to learn to deep throat because she's busy working on her mouthful right now.

Saddle is now going all out, sucking and slurping away while she fucks her face on my cock, stopping every so often to utter things like "give me your cum" "please cum in me" "fill my mouth with your cum" and "I need your cum in my mouth"

At this point, there isn't much a guy can do, and I oblige, spraying a full load of the hot sticky stuff into her mouth, which she eagerly slurps and swallows down, continuing to suck until every last drop has found its way into her tummy. And even after, she licks and worships the tool that has provided her with this treat until it retreats into flaccidity.

And that ladies and gentlemen is...*stops to remember the wording again* how to bring a man to his knees by sucking his cock and draining his balls of every last drop of cum.
*lights come up, credits roll*

This has been another presentation of Ptalk's Seductive Strategies (TM). We hoped you've enjoyed our informational film. For hands on demonstrations, please E-mail the address on your screen. Thank you for watching, and have a wonderful day.

silkysmoothlegs3 105F

12/14/2005 4:02 am

oh my
Thats so so sexy
Write more
silky x

goldri452 64M

12/14/2005 8:46 am

How does one get copies of this film?

saddletrampsk 54F

12/14/2005 2:49 pm

Mmmmmmmm..gets up off her knees and gives Ptalk a great big kiss..

warmandsexy52 64M
13164 posts
12/14/2005 4:43 pm

Congratulations! I have invited a team of senior educational inspectors along to this post. They have inspected pretty well everything here that could be inspected and more besides. They have commented on the high quality of instruction here and will write a full report when their orgy is over.

norprin5 55M

12/14/2005 5:27 pm

that was, like, WOW!!

King Nor XVIII

caressmewell 53F

12/14/2005 10:31 pm

You two are TROUBLE!! Glad your my friends!!

TTigerAtty 62M

12/15/2005 12:22 am

Don't remember "Show and Tell" being this good when I was in grade school! I didn't quite that one part though. Could you please repeat the demonstration?

sidewinder123xxx 45M
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12/15/2005 1:43 am

I didnt quite get the hang of that Saddle you will have to give me a one to one session to make sure i know what my role should be lol
Ptalk an extemely good blog will keeping checking in for more

rm_Ptalk1155 34M
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12/15/2005 10:46 am

Lol thanks all. If you want more, I need more volunteers. Although, I bet Caress and Saddle are more than happy to continue if nobody wants to sign up.

Plano69 54M

12/16/2005 9:48 pm

Ah, I may need some tutoring... LOL!

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