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2/10/2006 12:44 pm

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So I was reading this story today about 4 teens who happen upon this house in a town which is basically on a metaphysical fault line, so it's full of magical energy. And the house grants them each the power to create and live out their sexual fantasies with the other three. By the end of the story, they're basically fighting for who gets the most control and doing increasingly more demeaning things as revenge for things the others made them do, until at last the house takes over and forces them all to have a nonstop orgy until they can no longer move.

After this, each in turn is offered this power permanently to use on each other. The teens, having finally realized that it is a terrible power to have, turn it down. The house then informs them it was a test that nobody had passed in 36 years.

Of the four, only one of them did not want it for the sake of dominating the others, but simply because he felt of the three he'd be the least likely to abuse it. Yet, after finding himself more frequently abusing it, he decides not even he should have it.

That got me thinking. Is it possible to want, get, and use power without being corrupted by it? After all, the saying is "power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Those who don't want power and have it thrust upon them usually turn out alright because they're constantly trying to get rid of it. But what of those who do want it from the start?

As a person keenly interested in amassing wealth and influence in order to change the world around me, I am often plagued with the thought that even with good intentions I would likely become a monster due to the corruptive nature of power itself. To want power is to want control, and once you have control you can basically do whatever you want until something removes that control. Is the temptation to use that control too great for a human being, or for me for that matter? Do people who get corrupted by power even ask these kinds of questions before/during?

Another story I had read a while back does bear a glimmer of hope for me (and perhaps the rest of humanity) in which a young woman is heir to her kingdom's throne but does not want to be queen. As the story progresses, she changes her mind when she sees the lengths to which some others go in order to obtain that to which she is already entitled. As she puts it, "So, that's my mission, to take the throne... Not because I want it, but because others do, and they must not be allowed to have it." Perhaps I'm simply a man who has come to that realization from looking at the way those who currently have power wield it.

But even so, is that enough to avoid corruption? Is simply wanting power for the sake of keeping less worthy individuals away from it sufficient to prevent one from succumbing to temptation?

So Blogville, what does it take to wield power responsibly? Can it even be done?

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2/10/2006 3:00 pm

I agree that power can corrupt in most cases..but there will always be those with strong ones that are focused like DD and yes DD lets take over..muahhhaha

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2/10/2006 3:26 pm

Power is a dangerous thing and I dont think anyone can control it responsibly in a situation like this!

Purry {=}


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2/10/2006 3:42 pm

Where is Harry Potter when you need him?

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Papy: Well hi to you too. Thanks for coming by

DD: I suppose it does. How does one know if one is a strong person though?

Saddle: I don't know who's more dangerous, you or DD. LoL.

Silky: LoL...don't let me interupt you...

Caress: Mmm not sure what you mean? A reference to the magic house I assume? Never really got into Potter.

Fly: Aye, I do know.

MzHuny: Hm, but can't a good heart be turned bad?

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