Political Children  

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Political Children

Wow, do I ever feel bad for anyone who hasn't visited here in a day or two and has to comb through my arduously long posts. Sorry, I'm just a longwinded kind of guy. You might want to go to the bathroom and get a snack before you read this one.

See, for months now, years really, we've had to watch the entire United States government degrade into the equivalent of two kids throwing mud at each other in a sandbox, then going crying to mommy after they get some in their eyes.

We have one side, the Democrats and/or liberals depending on whether or not you associate the two together, who lost two elections that they thought they should have won (despite the fact that their two candidates were a piece of cardboard and a complete douche who couldn't make up his mind). Rather than understanding that clearly the people of this country decided they were tired of the shennanigans, the Dems took it personally. They have single handedly caused more damage to our country with their ridiculous and wasteful attempts to smear the current administration.

They take the stupidest, smallest, most meaningless things and blow them totally out of proportion. I remember hearing them complain that on 9/11, President Bush didn't scramble from the room in which he was reading to children upon hearing the news. They claim this means he was stupid and indecisive. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard (well, one of them). Let me explain why.

If I'm the President of the United States, and I hear about a coordinated attack on two major US cities that is not a missile strike, my first reaction is to get to Air Force One because chances are, I'm in harm's way and even if I'm not, I want to know everything I can. My second reaction is to bomb the shit out of someone.

So, to sit there, and calmly finish reading to a bunch of kids despite just having learned this, I would imagine required an amazing level of restraint on his part. In order for him to sit there and do that meant he realized A: at that particular moment, he was safe B: at that particular moment, there was nothing for him to do and C: his subordinates were trustworthy enough to work without his supervision.
Those who knock the President would have us believe he is unintelligent. But, a man who knows when his staff does not need him looking over their shoulder sounds pretty smart to me.

Lately, we've had to listen to wild conspiracy theories that the President faked the intelligence on Iraq's WMDs. Anyone who believes that is a complete moron or a part of the conspiracy. This is why. The President is a figurehead whose power is mostly distributed through many subordinates and governmental organizations. In order to fake that kind of intelligence, thousands of people from different intelligence bureaus worldwide would have to be in on it. That does not make for a good secret.

The same people who claim the President is a complete accident-prone moron seem to think he could mastermind a conspiracy of that magnitude. I guess the President is so much of a mastermind that he figured if he played dumb nobody would ever think he could be a mastermind. Too bad it didn't work.

Oh, another one I love hearing from anti-war/anti-administration people: "You're sending our kids over there to die." Morons. We're not sending anybody over there to fucking die, that would be ludicrous. As Patton said, ""No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country." It's simply that in war, people happen to die. That's why it's called "War" and not "Fun in the Iraqi Sandbox."

They also expect us to play by "the rules of war" and follow the Geneva Convention that we never signed and therefore are not bound by. Wake up genius! There are no rules in war. That same kind of stupidity is what lost the British the Revolutionary War. They complained we wouldn't meet them on the field dressed in brightly colored uniforms and standing in nice straight lines because we knew damned well we'd lose if we did. Americans INVENTED terrorism, and Islamic fundamentalists are using our own idea against us. Hell, we taught most of them in our schools.

Now I'm an equal opportunity asshole, so let me switch gears a bit. On the other side of this mess, we have a bunch of people who spend all their damned time screwing up and trying to fend off the unnecessary and totally ineffective attacks of their competition. They were elected on the premise that they had the balls to do what needed to be done regardless of politics. Instead, they have spent their entire two terms trying to appease a minority hell bent on undermining every action by the majority and therefore unappeasable. (Is that a word?)

And, they're so busy jockying for who gets to be the next Presidential nominee that they can't even stand together as a cohesive unit dedicated to doing something. Since they can't get their shit together and fire the morons who keep screwing up for fear of looking bad, nothing will ever get done. Abraham Lincoln went through at least 4 generals (no I don't know the number off hand) before he got to Grant.

And you know what? I don't think the President should have required evidence of WMDs to go smack around Saddam. Everyone knew Saddam was an asshole. Yes, that's a political term. He was an asshole who had been constantly defying the UN and the US for a decade while torturing and his own citizens. In response, both the UN and US issued ultimatums repeatedly. Now, if you issue an ultimatum, you had better damned well follow through on it, otherwise what's the point? There is not supposed to BE a repeatedly when it comes to an ultimatum, that's why the word "ultimate" is built right into it.

I'm through taking crap from petty dictators who wave their pricks at us and hide behind Europe's queasiness about doing anything other than eating cheese and drinking wine. It's time to show them that Americans do not take this kind of thing lightly.

Last but not least, "that's their problem, not ours" does not apply anymore. Not that it ever did, considering Hitler was "not our problem" and had we waited another year to enter the war, by the time we were knocking at the gates of Berlin he would've been nuking us. We beat that out by about three months.

We live in a global society thanks to the Internet (and airplanes). On the Internet, as we've seen, there are no borders. That means the rest of the world IS our problem. Since the rest of the world has proven themselves a failure time and time again at stopping dictators and dealing with potential threats to our collective safety, it's time we went and proved WHY we are the only remaining superpower. In fact, AS the only remaining superpower, it is our responsibility to stop this kind of thing from happening.

So instead of cleaning up the garbage of the planet (I mean that metaphorically and literally), we sit here and watch our idiot politicians flame each other all day. Well, I say fuck them. I'm creating my own political party and running for President.

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