Panic Attack  

rm_Ptalk1155 34M
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6/8/2006 10:17 am

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6/9/2006 9:42 pm

Panic Attack

Possibly the worst feeling a control-freak like me can have, because it's totally out of control. I don't panic easily, but once and a while something hits me (and usually nothing worth fearing) just the right way and before I realize what's going on, I can't breath, my mind is drawing up all kinds of possibilities at a mile a minute, that feeling has gripped my chest, and my stomach's trying to decide if it wants to burrow into my nearby organs or just jump clean out of my mouth, all while I'm yelling at myself to calm down and trying to take deeper breaths.

Why do I bring it up? In about 20 minutes I have to go to the doctor, which is something I don't do but rarely, so it makes me nervous, and this set off one for me.

Ever have that feeling? I hope not, 'cause it sucks.

LIBlonde97 40F
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6/8/2006 10:27 am

While you're at the doctor's office... you might want to mention that you're having this problem if you're not already being treated for it.

Cognitive behavioral therapy in conjunction with anti-anxiety medication is useful for most people suffering from panic attacks. It's an awful, scary feeling and can be detrimental for your blood pressure, mental wellbeing and immune system.

Get some treatment and feel better!


GoddessOfTheDawn 105F
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6/8/2006 10:39 am

~ nodz ~ @ LIBlonde'z comment ....

I'm with her....

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6/8/2006 10:46 am

My husband has a separate disorder, but does suffer from panic attacks occasionally. LlBlonde is right, talk to your doc. There are alot of meds that will help you deal with the physical symptoms so that you can try to find out the reason for the attacks. Keep us posted!

rm_Ptalk1155 34M
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6/8/2006 10:40 pm

Thanks for the advice everybody. As I said though, this doesn't happen often to me, certainly not with enough frequency to require medical treatment. It does happen, and when it does it is absolutely infuriating, mostly because it's pretty much beyond my control and it comes without warning over something silly. I can only try to imagine how you live with it being a recurring thing DK.

Thanks again

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