Night Series Part IV  

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Night Series Part IV

Continued from Night Series Part III

Fourth Night:
The next day he spent fighting off his female employees. Their attentions had doubled, now practically groping him at every turn. Even Bob hadn’t been informed as to the nature of this prank, and that bothered him. By the end of the day, he decided he’d have to call their little prank off in the morning if they chose to continue.

Driving home, he decided that sleeping in the recliner would not be something he’d do frequently, his back having ached the whole day. To top it off, the drive home took much longer than expected because he ended up stuck behind some hot mother driving a mini-van, who only lived three houses away and kept herself firmly in front of him almost his entire drive. He’d be happy if he never saw the license plate MOMBAKR again.

Time seemed to fly by after that, and next he knew, it was time for bed. He actually found himself a little anxious to get to sleep, wondering what kind of sordid fantasy he’d find in his dreams this night. He didn’t have to wait long, drifting off shortly after his head hit the pillow.

He “awoke” to find himself staring at young woman dressed like a member of a sultan’s harem. Eyes downcast, she had knelt at his bedside. She had little resemblance to Dara, and he could only wonder if his time dreaming about the supermarket woman was over at last.
Aw, don’t you like her though?
“She’s uh, very attractive.”
“Ooh thank you master. I am honored that I please you.”

He looked to his little genie, her pink silk clothing shimmering in the dim moonlight. There was no fog in his mind tonight, and he found himself strangely feeling domineering, perhaps due to the pent up frustrations of the day.
“Master? May I suck you now?” she whispered.
“No.” he said, and her face fell such that he though she might cry.
“Stand up and look at me.” She obeyed, clear shining blue eyes looking back at him.
“You are very lovely.” She beamed at him, all traces of sadness gone in an instant.
“Thank you master!”
“What is your name?”
“This slut’s former name was Jenny, master.”

“Get on the bed.” The scantily clad girl complied eagerly, all but jumping onto the bed and kneeling before him again. He reached out and caressed her cheek, and she pushed her face into the hand like a cat being petted. His hands worked to her breasts, cupping them and weighing them, lifting them gently up and down, eliciting a little giggle from her. He gave each of her nipples a little tug in response, causing a soft moan to escape from her lips. Between her thighs, he found her genie-pants missing the fabric that would cover her crotch, leaving her womanly charms open for all to see. He continued his inspection past her taught tummy and down to the opening, dragging a finger between her nether lips and smiling finding them already moist.
“I am pleased you are wet for me already.”
“Umm thank you master.” She moaned as he gave her clit a little rub. Then he circled her tight entrance with two fingers, letting her ever increasing wetness coat them. The two fingers came up to his mouth and he licked at them, watching her face fill with hunger and her tongue unconsciously wet her lips.

“Do you like the way you taste?”
“Yes, I love it master.”
“Do you want a taste of yourself?”
“Oh! Please master!”
He brought her fingers to her lips and she captured them; her face contorted in obvious relish as she sucked and licked at them. He quickly pulled them from her mouth, a soft noise of disappointment emanating from her throat, her head trying to follow them.

“Turn around and bend over. I wish to inspect the rest of you.”
She did as she was told, her smooth round cheeks now pointed at him. He could see the muscles in her neck tightening and relaxing as she fought not to turn to look at what he was doing. Without ceremony he began to grope her toned behind, running his thumbs down the groove between her cheeks, a shudder rippling through her.
“You have a sensitive ass don’t you, my pet?”
“Yess master.” He spread her with one hand and gently rubbed the sheer fabric covering her ass against her backdoor, pressing at the tight entrance as she fought to stay still.
“You are a well trained slave, not to move during my inspection.”
“Th-thank you master.”
“Has anything been put in this hole before?”
“Y-yes master.”
“A girl…when we were uhm…playing…she used her finger…”
“And you came like a slut when she did that didn’t you?”
“Yess master. I came so hard.”
Are you going to spend all night teasing her, or are you going to fuck her?
Quiet. I’m having my own fun. Even he was surprised at the voracity of his response.

“I am done. Turn again, lie on your back, and spread your legs for me.”
She eagerly complied, making sure to spread her legs slowly and lewdly, licking her lips as she did so.
“Play with yourself. Do not cum unless I tell you to.”
Her hand shot down to her pussy, the scent of which had permeated the air. He watched as she dipped them into herself, getting them wet before rubbing her clit in lazy circles. Her eyes drooped as she teased herself, her other hand idly toying with a nipple.
“So, who was this girl that took your ass?”
“Mmm my…” she turned crimson.
“Your what?”
“My best friend.”
“I see. And what other wicked things did you let her do to you?”
The little genie-slave’s fingers had begun to move faster, changing from a slow gentle rub to an outright diddling. She started out stuttering, and then her response poured forth in a long ramble.
“She…she..made…me lick her. And then she sucked my titties and fingered my pussy and licked it and stuck her fingers in my ass and made meeee…ohh…”
“Stop touching yourself right NOW!” he interjected, seeing she was about to make herself cum without permission. Her eyes flew open and begged him to change his mind.
“I said STOP,” he commanded, and her hands reluctantly left her excited naughty bits, curling into fists almost immediately as her hips twitched, looking for some contact to finish that which she had started.
“You were about to cum, weren’t you?”
“YEssss oh yesss…please let me cum master…please…”
“No. You will cum when I’m good and ready to let you. Just for disobeying me, you’re going to wait longer.”
“I’m sorry master. I got so hot thinking about what she did to me.”
“Don’t let it happen again.”
“Yes, master.”
“I bet your best friend turned you into the little slave you are now?”
“Yes master…she tied me up…she fucked my pussy with her strap on…god it makes me so horny…” She grabbed his sheets and clutched them tightly to keep from masturbating herself again.
“Sit up and take off your top.” He watched her shudder again as the silk caressed her nipples when she slipped it past.
“Come here.” She knee walked to him, and he reached down between her thighs again, coating his hand in her juices. He brought his hand to her chest and dragged it between her ample breasts, slathering her own lubricant all over them. She shivered, her nipples coming quickly to attention at the sudden chill brought on by her juices cooling on her skin. He continued until her cleavage all but dripped, while she remained stiff as board trying not to cum from his mining of her pussy, each penetration bringing her closer to the edge.
“You’re a very horny slut aren’t you? I bet you’re loving every second of this, having your hot juices smeared all over your chest?”
“Mmmm yes…cover me master! Coat this slut with her own cum!”
He swiped a juicy set of fingers down her chest once more time.
“Now my slut, fuck me with your lovely tits.”
“Oh yes master. Thank you master.”
She licked her lips, and moved forward, sliding his stiff pole between her voluptuous mounds, the heat of it contrasting sharply with the liquid cooling on her skin. She pressed them together and began to slowly slide up and down, licking her lips as she watched his hard cock slipping through her cleavage.
“Does that feel good master? Do my tits feel good around your cock?”
He answered by letting his hands wander over her ass, squeezing and kneading her cheeks to her great delight. Then he slipped two fingers into her slippery orifice causing her to gasp in surprise. Quivering as his fingers pumped in time to her bouncing breasts, she once again found herself fighting not to climax. Her pussy was suddenly emptied for a moment, as the fingers penetrating her slid back towards her sphincter.

“Do not cum.” Her mind barely had time to register before she found herself penetrated in both holes, and she was forced to sink her teeth into her lip to keep from cumming immediately, her hands falling away from her breasts to brace herself.
“You like that don’t you?”
“Yessss masssterrr…sooo good….”
“Hm, it appears we need something for you to occupy yourself with, lest you cum before I tell you to.” His fingers had already begun to pump in sequence.
“Ohhh Godd…”
“Suck me.” She was all too eager to comply, diving on his cock and sucking hungrily on it. He knew though, she was much too close to cumming, the taste of him in her mouth clearly sending her even closer to the precipice. Barely a few minutes passed before she pulled off briefly, already moaning continuously into his crotch.
“Mmaster, pleaaase…I’m…I’m going to cum…”
“No, you will not. Not until I say so. I’m sure you were taught how to stop.” He pressed her head back down, quieting her with his cock, but secretly eased up ever so slightly, delaying her impending climax.
“Your slutty mouth is doing an excellent job. I’m going to cum. Do you want it in your mouth? Or all over that pretty face?”
“unngh my face master, cum on me! Cum on me!” she began to chant between sucks, her hand feverishly working his shaft whenever she paused to moan and beg for him to cover her in cum. Somewhere in his mind, he could hear another set of moans, seemingly to belong to Dara, but she was nowhere to be found.
“It’s time my lovely slut. I’m going to cum. I want you to cum with me. Will you cum for me as I squirt all over you?” His fingers resumed their full assault, driving her quickly towards climax.
“Yes! Yes master! Cum on meeeeee!”
Without warning his cum sprayed forth, coating her face and tits in white sticky goo. The feeling of being plastered with his cum was too much, and a low moan resonating from her throat accompanied her body seizing up as she climaxed at last, still stroking his spurting dick with one hand and twisting her nipples with the other.

When next he opened his eyes, she was gone, and it was morning.

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~~I liked your story very much it was hot and I love dominant men *MOANS~~I like making slaves out of *Masters~~MeOwWwWwwwwww~~Jumps down off the bar from reading your blog wearing a Black leather Cat suit that clings to the curves of my body and Cracks my whip like the cat woman ~~licking my rubyred lips~~as I sit I allow the guys to sit on the floor beside me liking my BOndage Shoes~~SLAPS the fingers off my thighs saying *WHO told you,that you can do that?


9/9/2006 10:14 am

Whewwwwwwwwwww.......I think that is not all fantasy steamy

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

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9/10/2006 1:48 am

Mmmmmmmmm..master - That was so very hot!

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- evolution is constant.

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    Quoting tight_n_tasty2:
    ~~I liked your story very much it was hot and I love dominant men *MOANS~~I like making slaves out of *Masters~~MeOwWwWwwwwww~~Jumps down off the bar from reading your blog wearing a Black leather Cat suit that clings to the curves of my body and Cracks my whip like the cat woman ~~licking my rubyred lips~~as I sit I allow the guys to sit on the floor beside me liking my BOndage Shoes~~SLAPS the fingers off my thighs saying *WHO told you,that you can do that?
LoL well, fortunately for me I'm neither a master nor a particularly dominant man. I do, however, have issues with authority figures so I'm not particularly good at being under anyone's thumb.

Thanks for coming by

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    Quoting rm_mzhunyhole:
    That was frigging hot..yep that sure was..hubba hubba.

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    Quoting MOfunNOWWOW:
    Whewwwwwwwwwww.......I think that is not all fantasy steamy
Well, it hasn't happened to me personally so fantasy it is...but I think it'd be fun if it did.

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    Quoting shyvixen1962:
    Hot stuff ~ keep 'em cumming .. err coming

    peace and healing
Thanks, I am. There are a few more left.

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    Quoting Lucent_C:
    Mmmmmmmmm..master - That was so very hot!
Well don't worry my pet, you'll be getting yours soon enough

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