Night Series Part III  

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Night Series Part III

Continued from Night Series Part II

Third Night:
“What the hell?” he queried to the air. “Damn that was too real…”
He rose from bed, scratching the back of his head in confusion and dismay.
“Two nights in a row with that woman in my head, too weird… And since when did I start having fantasies about innocent virginal girls?”
He slipped into the shower and sighed as the warm spray washed over him, feeling better already. He wondered why, after a dream like that, he didn’t at least wake up to a raging hard-on, if not a sticky mess.
“Just a dream…” he muttered as he toweled off.

A short while later and he was on his way out the door once again. Heading for the car, he happened to notice his young neighbor. It appeared she was on her way out too.
“Bye mom!” she shouted and waved to the house, before turning to walk out of her driveway. She immediately caught sight of him, and he smiled and waved as he always did when they happened to leave around the same time. Normally, she would say “hi” and wave back, but this morning she seemed to turn three shades of crimson before she timidly shook her hand back and forth. Then she abruptly turned and walked briskly towards her school.

“Huh, I wonder what that was about…” he mused, then checked his fly just in case. After all, he couldn’t think of much else that would make a girl blush just from looking at him. Finding everything in order down at crotch level, he shrugged, got into his car, and headed off to work.

He was never much on flirting with his employees, and on several occasions made it clear to women who made offers, presumably in exchange for salary increases, that he simply did not commingle with his staff. He was the boss and that meant adhering to a certain standard of behavior. Word quickly spread after one woman, thinking that the others had simply not been forward enough, had waited for him naked upon his desk, only to have herself ejected from the building and told not to return until she could maintain some semblance of decency. As such, female employees quickly stopped anything but the most jovial of flirting and refrained from making advances at all.

But today, all of the women with whom he worked stared at him hungrily. They invaded his personal space, often touching when not necessary, and their language became laced with innuendo. He could only assume this was a joke at his expense (his staff was big on pranks, much to his chagrin) and decided to be a good sport about it, letting it slide and occasionally returning the flirting. As the day came to a close, he decided to see what that was all about.
“Hey Bob”
“Yeah boss?”
“You notice the women acting strange today?”
“Sure boss. They all seemed to be really into you today.”
“Any ideas why that might be?”
“No practical jokes?”
“Not that I heard about.”
“Alright Bob, thanks. Let me know if you find out what the prank is this time.”
“Sure thing Boss”
“Say hello to Mary for me!”
“I will boss. Good night.”

So very odd…normally Bob knows all the pranks going on around here…oh well.

Fortunately, nothing else unusual decided to haunt him that evening. He fell asleep in his favorite recliner reading more chapters from the book about the succubus, thoughts of the two dreams once again forgotten.

It was dark in the room when he awoke, the only illumination coming from the glow of the street lights outside. He felt a heavy weight descend upon his lap, the dark silhouette of a feminine form blocking his view of the window outside.
“Mm did you miss me? I missed you.”
His eyes slowly adjusted to the dark, and he once again found himself face to face with the grinning nude form of the woman from the supermarket.
“Who are you?”
“Oh what’s a rose by any other name hmm? Plus, we could introduce ourselves, or we could have some more fun, like last night.”
“I’ll take the introduction thank you. I want to know who you are and why you keep showing up in these dreams.”
The melodious sound of her laughter greeted his ears, and he could only wonder what he had said that was so funny.
“If you must, my name’s Dara.”
“Dara? That’s an unusual name. Can’t say as I’ve ever heard it before.”
“I was named after my grandmother, who also liked to play.”
“I see.” I am having a conversation with a woman in a dream. I must be losing my mind…
“Speaking of playing…did you like last night?” she whispered in that hushed seductive tone designed to make a man shiver with desire.
The dream woman knows the other dreams. I am definitely losing my mind.
“We can play like that any time you know. I can be your naughty little school girl and you can teach me all about sex. I can be anything you want. Tell me what you want me to be tonight…mmm..” she licked and suckled on his earlobe as she continued her enticement.
“Mm, maybe you want to be the innocent one tonight huh baby? Want to have a hot momma introducing you to sex? Teaching you how to please her? Letting her please you? Ooh yes I think your cock likes that idea as much as it did having an innocent girl to play with…” She had her hand wrapped around his shaft once again, which seemed out of place as he remembered dozing off fully clothed. She grinned wickedly as she stroked it; then everything shuddered and he felt as though the room had gotten bigger. She had changed as well, looking the same, yet different.
“Oh honey, did you like what we did? Do you want to keep going?” she said in her new voice. Her hand was quite distracting.
“I uh…”
“It feels good when I rub it doesn’t it? You know you can make me feel good too. Have you ever touched a girl’s pussy before? No? Go ahead and touch mine it’s ok. I want you to.”
“Are you…”
“Please honey, touch my pussy. I need you to touch me.” He felt his hand being guided down between her thighs by one of hers, placed up against her juicy folds.
“Mm right there, slide your finger up and down gently. Mm that’s it. Oh that feels very good. Feel that little bump up top? That’s my clitty. It feels really good if you OHhh you learn fast…and oh….use your other hand…oh….yesss….”
His other hand had migrated to stroke her firm buttocks, tracing down between her two nether entrances and quickly growing slick from her moisture.
“You know, there’s something else you can do to make me uhhhmmm feel even better.”
It seemed as though the foggy feeling he had in the last two dreams had abated somewhat, allowing him more rational thoughts, though the overwhelming lust that permeated his every cell still tugged at his mind.
Well…this is a dream…mind as well play along…
“Oh? What’s that Mrs. Baker? Please tell me. I want to make you feel good too. You’re making me feel really good.”
Baker? Where’d that come from and why does that name sound so familiar?
“Ohh, well, you can lick me down there... where you have your fingers…”
“Lick you? I wouldn’t know how to do it right.”
“Mmm I’ll teach you…”
“Okay!” His voice had taken on a different tone and quality, almost as though he were in fact a younger man.

She rose from his lap, snatching up his hand and all but dragging him to the bedroom. Then she lay back on his bed, spreading her legs obscenely to him, the wetness between her thighs glistening in the dim light from the moon shining through the windows. She spread her arms out wide in invitation, and he came to her, his stiff rod glancing past her wetness and causing her to gasp.
“That felt really good Mrs. Baker…”
“Ohm, we mustn’t do that again, that’s very dangerous. Are you ready to learn to make me feel good another way though?”
“Oh yes Mrs. Baker.”
“Kiss me first then.” He leaned down and allowed his lips to meet hers, her tongue coming up to coax its way into his mouth and begin a duel with its counterpart. His hands roamed freely over her body, as if exploring her for the first time, and she moaned into his mouth in appreciation before breaking away.
“Now kiss my breasts, they feel left out.”
He followed instructions well, leaning down to press his lips to a stiff bud, letting his tongue swipe across it.
“Ohhmm suck it…suck me…!”
He suckled at her like a newborn babe, and she gasped and writhed in pleasure beneath him. When she could finally take no more, her hands lightly began to press his head downwards.
“I need you to lick me now! Please!”
He trailed kisses down towards her thighs, his tongue swirling on her hot flesh.
“Now, uh, normally to get the woman more aroused you’d tease her a bit, lick around her pussy but not touch, but I’m soo very horny and I need your tongue very badly so…ohh...nooo don’t tease me…”
He grinned wickedly at her, and let his tongue trace circles along her inner thigh, coming ever closer to the spot she desired it to find. He licked along the sides of her and traced her outline, but then darted away down the other thigh while she squealed and squirmed, trying to get him to make contact in her most private of places.

After much debilitating torture, he let his tongue hover just above her steaming slit…then pressed it flat against her before slowly licking her like an ice cream cone.
“Oh yes honey, lick me! Stick your tongue inside me! Fuck me with your tongue!”
Acceding to her wishes, he slid his tongue into her, swirling it around as he penetrated her over and over again with it. He looked up to see her face awash in lust, hands grabbing and pulling at her excited nipples. His slipped from her and his lips encircled the throbbing button at the top of her swollen lips. Her back arched and her hips thrust against him.
“Ohh fuck! Suck me, suck meeee!”

He went to work on her sensitive nubbin while two fingers circled her entrance. She gasped and writhed. After an eternity of revolving about, they succumbed to her whirlpool of desire, plunging inside and curling to rub across that extra sensitive spot, pumping her as his other hand swatted away one of hers and started working her nipple. Her whole body locked up as the massive climax washed over her, mouth open in a silent scream. He continued his gentle ministrations as she came down, and she ran her fingers through his hair before giving him a little tug to come up to eye level.

“Hold me,” she whispered, pulling his weight upon her. They stayed like that for some time, until she felt his hardness rubbing into her slick folds.
“Oh, we need to take care of that don’t we…mm, lie on your back.”
He rolled over and she slid down his body, grinning up at him.
“Mmm” She swiped her tongue along its length and then stared into his eyes as she licked her lips. “Yummy. I’m going to enjoy this.”
He gasped as she sucked him into her mouth, steadily pumping him with one hand while her lips slipped up and down, tongue swirling about beneath the sensitive head. She began to moan around it, slurping away as though it were her favorite treat.
“Oh, Mrs. Baker…I think I’m gonna…”
She sucked and pumped with more determination, encouraging him with her eyes to give her what she so desired. He lost all control and flooded her mouth, she gulping each warm spurt hungrily.

He slipped off again into unconsciousness just after the world shifted again, and she became her original form once more, the wicked grin still etched upon her face.

**Now that I have names, standard disclaimer applies to characters being entirely fictional and any resemblance to real people being totally imaginary. Which is good, if you're imaginging being one of my characters, then clearly I've written my story well. And no, there is no real life Dara or Bob or Mrs. Baker, though you are welcome to enjoy imagining being any of them.

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