I leave for TWO lousy days...  

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7/31/2006 11:43 am

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I leave for TWO lousy days...

...and all of you have had problems in the meantime eh? Next time I guess the only solution is to just to take you all with me Anyway, I hope everyone has worked out all their issues.

As to my trip, which I'm sure you're all dying to know about, it was pretty much as expected for a change. No random crazyness occurred and for once, I wasn't nearly killed. I was able to see a wonderful show, hang out with some good buddies for a couple days, and visit some national landmarks and whatnot. We discovered the amusement (and danger) of pointy hats. We also found out that they've put airport security at all the landmarks thanks to 9/11 and that bringing one's pocket knife on trips to such things will ultimately be a hassle. And, Asian tourists do not understand the Mint will not let you in with any cameras or camera phones.

Also, to be noted, there are people who like to talk during performances, and that it is rather difficult to restrain oneself from jumping over the row and beating the ever living shite of them after one has driven several hours just to see said performance. However, said restraint is possible, though barely.

Another thing, always keep a change of clothes in the car because sudden, viscious downpours do not care that you're 10 minutes from your car with no umbrella or other means of covering yourself.

I also found out that obstinate women remain obstinate even if you haven't seen them for two years and will still refuse to let you pay for dinner, thereby eviscerating your manhood in front of the establishment and any buddies you brought along, the end of which shall never be heard from them. Said women of course are still sexy as hell and intellectually stimulating despite said obstinence.

Hmm...I think that's about it. Oh! Yes, hotel pr0n movies have some of the dumbest fucking names ever and much fun can be had just flipping through the list. I almost considered the possibility of ordering "First Time Twins" but I'm too cheap to actually purchase porno.

Ok, I need to get back to catching up on your blogs, so this post ends now.

rm_saintlianna 45F
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7/31/2006 12:06 pm

Hotel porn you gotta love it

papyrina 50F
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7/31/2006 12:34 pm

it all sounds like quite an adventure and yep phones and converstaions really piss me off to

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