Ever had a dream like this?  

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8/8/2006 8:50 am

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Ever had a dream like this?

Anyone else plagued by extremely erotic dreams lately? Any good enough to share? Here's one I had last night.

Everything was blurry, and I couldn't yet see, as though my eyes were acclimating to being opened. I was sort of floating masslessly, until it seemed my body itself came into focus and I could once again feel. What I felt was the soft hand of a woman gliding up and down my already hardened shaft. Her body was pressed tightly up against mine from behind, and she had laid her head upon my shoulder. She cooed as she continued her ministrations, one leg wrapped somewhat around mine so that she could grind her slick folds against me, her stiffened nipples rubbing up against my back.

"I can't believe I'm doing this," she said in a half whisper. A noise of affirmation from below cleared my vision, and looking down, another beautiful young woman knelt naked, hands massaging her breasts.

"This is so hot," the lust-filled voice of my masturbator echoed again, "jacking off my boyfriend onto my best friend."

"Mmhm" the best friend chimed in "do it, c'mon make him cum for us. You can lick it off me."
"Oh god yeah." She was not kidding with her enthusiasm given the fresh wash of juices that flowed onto my skin accompanying a long, deep grind of her pussy against my leg.

"Come on, cum for us, do it." "That's it just cum on me, I want it." The two women continued to moan, coo, and whisper their desires for my eventual eruption as the one behind me stroked faster, until at last the world became fuzzy again and I blinked awake.

"Damned real dream..." I muttered, looking down at the tent in my shorts.

Now, considering I had never fantasized about this particular situation before, It was interesting to suddenly being in a girl sandwhich with one jerking me off on the other. I'm curious if any of the women around here have that fantasy (because I know the men probably do so there's no need to ask them)? Would you do it if you had the opportunity? Is it a turn-on to consider, or do you not share your man ever? Or do just find it degrading when a man sprays cum all over a woman, particularly if she's in a supplicatory position like kneeling before him? Or does it not matter to you where or how your man cums, so long as he does?

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