Caressing Caress  

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Caressing Caress

Lucky me I didn't end up on the roof, but thanks for all the well-wishes.

Today in Ptalk's blog I will be demonstrating a technique which, when properly executed, very rarely fails to seduce and arouse a woman to the point of practically demanding sexual respite. For this demonstration, the beautiful and talented Caressmewell caressmewell has volunteered to be my lovely assistant. Caress, say hello to the nice folks. *she waves*
Thank you.

Now, as you can see, Caress is not dressed for sex, wearing just a regular shirt and jeans, except that she's always very sexy so anything she wears is bound to turn men on. Stop blushing honey it's true. Anyway, clearly she is probably not looking to get least not right this second. Huh? Oh. You are? Well, just pretend you're not because I can't right now. Because I'm giving a presentation and you're the star. Ok, I will fuck you as soon as possible. Good. Now...where was I? Oh right.

Before we begin, I must remind the reader that he (or she) must ensure some basic hygenic things have been taken care of beforehand, or this technique (like pretty much every other one) will fail. The most important of these for this particular technique will be the smell of one's breath, as you will be frequently within smelling range. You want to be sure it has either a very pleasant scent or none at all. Typically, the best way to ensure this is to brush one's teeth some time before initating the technique, such that just a hint of mint remains, but not so much as to be abrasive.
*breathes on his hand, sniffs to check, nods, then purses his lips and blows a slow breath in Caress' direction, letting his warm breath pass by in front of her nose. She looks pensive for a moment, then nods*

As you can see, I have already taken care of this, so there will be no foul odors ruining "the mood" as it were. Deoderant and showers are recommended as well.

Now, this technique works best on a woman who knows and trusts you already, but it can be applicable in most scenarios. *presses a little button on his remote conrol dealy, and the background shifts from blank white to a desk with a chair and a computer*

Now, this trick works best when catching the subject unawares, uncomfortable, and possibly a little tired, especially if they are sitting. *gestures for Caress to sit in the chair, she does*

Note as Caress has had a long day as her shoulders are a bit slumped and the muscles in her neck are taught. You should come up behind her, and let your fingers trace over her smooth neck. Note how she leans into the touch. Feels good doesn't it?
*she 'mms'*
Brush her cheek with your fingers and then gently grip her shoulders. Start to knead them slowly, leaning down to brush your lips over her neck. You'll see her relax, she may even moan.

Once you've got her good and relaxed, it's time to move. You'll want to suggest that she let you take her to a nice flat surface, say a couch or preferably a bed. *clicks his little remote dealy, and they're now in a cozy little bedroom with a big comfy bed*

Make sure to take her hand and rest your other on the small of her back when you move, using it to direct her to the bed and lay her face down, ensuring she has any pillows she needs for her comfort.

Straddle her just below her butt and return to her shoulders and work them for a bit. Then, you want to move her arms above her head. Slide your hands up and down her back for a few moments, not massaging but just caressing.

Then, you want to begin massaging her back. Notice how my fingers are spread wide and moving in circles, my thumbs working the muscles around the spine as I work slowly up and down her back. See her body relax. Now that she's relaxed, we can move on to Phase II.

I start by letting my lips roam over her neck, never stopping the massage. Watch her body shudder as I drag my tongue along the shell of her ear and suckle her earlobe. I work my hands under her shirt from the bottom, letting her feel how nice it is to have skin to skin contact.
"Caress hun, let me take this shirt off so I can massage you better."
A proper job will have her eager to go along with this. I don't let her help with the removal of her shirt, working it up over her breasts and taking the opportunity to give them a slight caress and fondle, then slipping it over her head. Her nipples are nice and hard already. This means I'm doing a good job so far. Since she's wearing a bra this time, I'm going to unsnap it and let it hang loose.

Now my hands can continue to work her flesh directly, discreetly slipping the bra straps down her shoulders as I begin to involve her arms as well. My hands start to drift away from the center of her back, my finger tips moving along her sides and just beginning to brush the edges of her voluptuous breasts. Listen to her soft 'mm's each time my finger tips cross that sensitive skin.

Each time I come back down towards her waist, I slip under her jeans, pushing them down a little ways when I do. She can feel my hardness pressing into her butt, and every time she moves it rubs across a sensitive area.

"Caress, if you let me take off your jeans, I'll do your legs too."

She should be relaxed and the slightest bit horny, enough to make her murmur a soft 'ok' or 'yes'. Nimble fingers have to slip around and unbutton and unzip the jeans, then work them down her hips, again not trying to get her to help. Once they're off, she's completely naked except her sexy panties.

Start at the feet, working thumbs into her arches and between her toes. Many nerves in the feet tie directly to more interesting ones above. Then slip up the calves, and work up towards the thighs. Do each thigh separately, letting thumbs brush past her pussy, enough to cause the panties to rub her sensitive clit slightly.

I return to her shoulders now, and begin working my way down. I can smell her excitement building from her near nudity and my manipulations.

On this pass down, my hands are far enough apart that my fingers slide over her breasts fully. Watch her hips grind back into my crotch now as her nipples tighten. This is my cue that she is ready. I slide my hands under her and begin to massage her breasts, with the same thumb action I used on her back, only now I'm rubbing her nipples with them. My lips are on her shoulders, kissing from shoulder to shoulder and up and down her neck. Look at Caress squirm now.

I push back against her hips, letting my hard cock grind into her panty-clad mound. My hands leave her breasts, causing a soft moan of disappointment to escape her. But, they are here to work her panties off, her hips lifting eagerly now. I slide back begin to lick at her pussy, making sure it will be nice and wet for what is to come. Listen to her groan and moan encouragements.

While my tongue is busy in her pussy, I slip my pants and underwear off. I rise, kissing back up towards her shoulders, then slipping my shirt off as well, my hardness slipping along the crack of her ass, dangerously close to her pussy. My hands are on her breasts again, tugging and toying with her nipples as my whole body presses against her, pushing her down into the bed.

"Do you feel good Caress? Do you want more?"
*she moans in the affirmative*
I could take her right now, but I want to see her face when she cums.
"I want you Caress. I want you to turn so I can watch you. Turn over and I'll give you more."
*she rolls under me without hesitation*
"Mm, what lovely breasts"
I suck and lick on them for a time, teasing and driving her higher. Then my lips are at her ear, whispering.
"Do you want me in you? Spread your legs for me.”
*her legs open wide, moving before I even finish speaking
“Do you want me to fuck you now? Take me and put me into your pussy."
*she takes hold of my cock and sets it at her entrance, humping up at it*
I press into her, inch by inch, letting it fill her deliciously slowly. I kiss her lightly at first, then deeper and more pationately until our tongues are dueling. My hips move of their own accord, and I'm fucking her now.
"Will you cum for me Caress? I want to see you cum, want to feel you cum on my cock. Cum for me Caress. Give me a nice big cum.”
She’s close now, and I fuck her harder and deeper, pushing her towards the orgasm I desire to see.
“Feel me fucking you. I want to see you cum. Do you want me to cum in you? Yes? Let's cum together. Are you ready? Cum with me. Here it comes. Oh!"

Then I kiss her lips again, and slide off next to her so that my weight does not crush her and we go to sleep spooned together.

*lights come up, credits roll*
This has been another presentation of Ptalk's Seductive Strategies. We hoped you've enjoyed our informational film. For hands on demonstrations, please E-mail the address on your screen. Thank you for watching, and have a wonderful day.

caressmewell 53F

12/11/2005 7:24 am

OMG! Funny and erotic!! Damn, wish it had been the "real" deal!

silkysmoothlegs3 105F

12/11/2005 12:13 pm

I thought i clicked caressmewells blogg in error
Then i started to read
really enjoyed that
brilliant writing
silky xx

saddletrampsk 54F

12/11/2005 6:50 pm

Baby..can I be in the next educational film? Maybe you need to devote one entirely to oral sex..

rm_Ptalk1155 34M
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12/11/2005 8:43 pm

Hmm...Guess I'll be careful with the title next time given the blog confusion.

Thanks to all for the positive comments!

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And Saddy, I think Divinity called it first. Maybe you can convince me to do a special for you. We'll just go in the back room...

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