Caress, Tiller, and Saddle Ride Again: Part I  

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Caress, Tiller, and Saddle Ride Again: Part I

This is a direct continuation from a previous story I wrote: Extra! Extra! Blogville's Finest Get It On In 50th Post and actually was intended to be part of that story. Once again, I have used Blogville personalities from around here and I hope that you all will not be offended by my playing puppet master with you. This is broken into several parts due to its length, so this is only the first in a series.

When Ptalk Ptalk1155 woke up that morning, it was raining outside. He stretched and yawned, thinking it might be better just to stay in bed as he watched the deluge outside his window coating Blogville. But, there was work to be done, so as usual, he got himself up and moving and into his office.

A few hours later, whilst he was banging away at the keyboard, he found himself distracted by his good friend DivinityDesires DivinityDesires, who had called him saying that she had business to discuss with him, but upon answering the phone he found out it was a very different kind of business than expected.

“Hello?” he said.

He was answered by a soft moan. She was fond of phone sex, and often called him when she was horny so his smooth steady voice could help her up over the edge. She loved to distract him from working with her dirty talk, describing how her vibrator was making slow circles over her clit and how much she wanted to suck his cock. Before she could get too far into it however, there was a knock on his office door. That was not odd, as Blogville was such a friendly place that nobody bothered to lock the doors to their houses and visitors usually stopping by to say hello or do…other things.

“Ohh would you let me suck you babe?” Divinity was asking.
“Ah, hang on, somebody’s at the door,” he responded to her. “Come in!”

The door swung open, and in spilled his next door neighbors, Caressmewell Caressmewell, Tillerbabe Tillerbabe, and Saddletrampsk Saddletrampsk. Spilled is a pretty accurate term considering they were all soaked to the bone from the rain outside. He was surprised to see them at all, as he had tucked in the unconscious trio the night before after their all night orgy with Michael_IG65 Michael_IG65, Tedzilla99 Tedzilla99, and sidewinder123xxx sidewinder123xxx. Ptalk leaned back in his chair with a raised eyebrow.

“Uh, Hi ladies, to what do I owe the honor?”
Tiller stepped up from between her sisters in crime. “You left us last night and didn’t join in!”
“You all seemed rather occupied…”
“Oh so that means you can just fuck Saddle and run off without letting me or Caress have a turn?” She huffed and folded her arms across her chest, Caress and Saddle giving him similar looks. He, meanwhile, was trying not to laugh because the three all were wearing tight white T-shirts, which had become virtually transparent due to being soaking wet, and their folded arms had accentuated their breasts in a most delightful way. Before he could respond, Divinity’s voice popped over his speaker phone in a low moan.
“What was that?”
“Er, Divinity is on speakerphone…”
“Who’s there babe?” Divinity queried over the phone.
“Er, Tiller, Caress, and Saddle are here dripping on my floor.”
“I guess I’m not the only one you have that effect on…mmm…”
“No I mean they’re soaking wet…damnit…from the rain I mean…”
All the women giggled.
“Hi girls!” Divinity said, the three responding with hellos themselves.
“So what are you three doing there?”
“Ptalk stood us up last night,” responded Tiller.
“Huh? Ptalk’s too nice to stand you up.”
“He left before the orgy. He let Saddle ride him and then snuck off.”
“Ohhh, Mr. Asexual didn’t stick around?”
“No. So now we’re going to get ours today.”
“Mm, I was just telling him how much I’d like to suck him while I was masturbating. I had my vibe on my clit and everything when you all walked in.”
“Oh so you want to listen to what happens?”
“I’d rather join in!” she giggled.
“Mmm, think you can wait for round two for that? It’d take a while for you to get here from the other side of Blogville in this downpour.”
“Ok, what should we do then?”
“Saddle’s going to use her oral talents to convince him it’s a good idea to cooperate.”

Completely left out of this discussion, Ptalk was already considering his options, which was rather difficult given the see through nature of those wet T-shirts. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much to be done other than sit there and wait for them to decide his fate. So much for working today… he thought.

Saddle came up around his desk and smiled brightly.
“Leet’s not be too hasty,” Ptalk said, rolling his chair away from her a bit.
“Oh it’s alright, you know how much I love sucking you. No need to be shy or anything,” Saddle said, kneeling down in front of him and fiddling with the snap of his jeans. Before he could stop her, Saddle’s expert hands had his pants open and his cock free. It was clear that their T-shirt idea had the desired effect. Saddle kneaded her breasts, looking up from between Ptalk’s legs as her mouth slid over his engorged member.
“Mmm” she moaned as his cock disappeared between her lips.
“Is she sucking him?” Divinity breathed over the phone.
“Yeah” Tiller answered, both her and Caress sitting in the guest chairs Ptalk had in his office. Each woman was licking her own lips as Saddle’s head bobbed over and over, pausing only to whisper about how much she loved his taste and sucking him.

Ptalk stopped Saddle for a moment, and reached down to peel the soaked T-shirt from her body. “We need to get you all out of these wet clothes, or you’ll catch pneumonia,” he said to them, thinking, in for a penny…
Caress and Tiller giggled, pulling up their own wet T-shirts, their lovely orbs bouncing free as Saddle quickly recaptured Ptalk’s cock, slurping and sucking away at it as though it were her favorite treat while he fondled her massive breasts.
“Damn I’m horny,” Caress uttered.
“Well, go fuck him then! That’s what we’re here for isn’t it?” Tiller replied.
Caress smiled wickedly and stood, working her jeans off and kicking them away. Apparently, none of them thought much about underwear. Then she slipped over to Ptalk and leaned down to whisper in Saddle’s ear if it were ok if she got some. Saddle grinned and moved away, still stroking Ptalk with her hand a bit.
“Ohh fuck, you’re going to fuck him aren’t you?” Divinty moaned into the phone.
“Uh huh. I need to get laid.”
“Ohh mee tooo…”
Caress slid on to Ptalk’s lap, her lips pressing to his in a slow, sensual kiss and her arms slipping around his body. She lifted herself up and gasped as Saddle begun rubbing Ptalk’s cock through Caress’ slick lips.
“Ohmm what’s going on?”
Caress stopped kissing Ptalk long enough to respond. “Saddle’s rubbing his cock into my pussy”

Tiller meanwhile was leaned back in her chair watching, her jeans open and her legs spread with her hand slowly massaging between them. Tiller’s nipple ring glinted in the light as her chest moved up and down with each deep breath she took as her fingers worked at the sensitive button at the top of her pussy. She watched as Caress sank down onto Ptalk’s manhood, a wide smile spreading across the other woman’s face as he filled her.

“Ahh yeah, that’s better.” Caress moaned.
“Is he inside you?” Divinity gasped.
“Yesss, I’m riding him. Feels soo good.”

Saddle took hold of Ptalk’s nearest hand and brought it back to one of her breasts, encouraging him to squeeze and rub it, while her hands sought out her pleasure between her thighs. Watching Caress gave Tiller a wicked idea, and she reluctantly removed her hands from her excited pussy. She rose from her chair and moved behind Caress, snaking her hands between Caress and Ptalk to capture Caress’ taught nipples, tugging and teasing them. Caress moaned again, and began to grind her self harder into Ptalk’s crotch, the sensations driving her closer and closer to climax. Tiller’s lips began to glide over Caress’s neck as the room filled with the erotic moans and sighs from the five of them.

Divinity was the first to find her release with soft abrupt moans, a whispered “fuck I’m cumming” cutting through the groans and sighs and wet sounds of sex emanating from the other four.

Hearing Divinity cum made Tiller want to see her friend in the throes of orgasm too. Her hand fell from its position tormenting one of Caress’ breasts to the sensitive bud between her thighs. Caress groaned and stiffened up, her hips rolling and bouncing against Ptalk. “Ohh Tills what are you doooing?”
“I want to see you cum sis, cum all over Ptalk’s cock.”
“Uhhhh” Caress groaned again as she lost control, driving herself down onto Ptalk’s cock as she came, the rippling walls of her pussy bringing Ptalk right along with her.

A few moments later Tiller and Ptalk were still caressing Caress as she came down from the clouds while Saddle continued to furiously finger herself. Divinity sighed dreamily and then told them she was going to be right over. Ptalk’s eyes went wide, wondering how he was supposed to satisfy all the three insatiable women with him now, much less a fourth. I think I’m going to need reinforcements…he thought and eyed the phone.

To Be Continued…

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2/20/2006 9:47 am

I cant wait for the next chapter! DAMN!!

Purry {=}


saddletrampsk 54F

2/20/2006 10:07 am that's some hot and steamy writing baby..

caressmewell 53F

2/20/2006 10:25 am

Woo Hoo!! The Sista's are BACK!!

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2/20/2006 11:19 am

OO! A Very very Hot story! Looking forward to the next chapter!!

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~ smilez ~

'n sighzzzzz

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2/20/2006 2:09 pm

I can't wait either.. I haven't CUM yet!!! Dude! Puppetier me!

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2/20/2006 4:38 pm

great start, can't wait to read the rest!

King Nor XVIII

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2/20/2006 5:20 pm

Saddle is cheating on me already. ...but somehow Ilike reading about it.


herringje 40M

2/20/2006 7:21 pm

now thats some hot steamy writeing i know i am hot now i cant wait for the nex capter way to go!!!!!! call me if you need another man

dreamweaver8061 47M

2/20/2006 8:08 pm

GREAT START, cant wait for the next chapter. hope caress's let's us know when it's done and ready to be enjoy by the rest of blogville.

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2/21/2006 1:19 am

wonderful so far lucky girls,

I'm a

i'm here to stay

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2/21/2006 3:38 am

I like it!

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2/21/2006 5:13 am

Cover me with kisses baby
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I'll never get enough
Emotions come I don't know why
Cover up those alibis
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We can share the wine
Call me

You're such a lovely cat of love
One morning gather me
I come mon cheri assez-moi
Any time any place any where anyway
Any time any place any where any day

Call me
My life call me call me any any time
Call me
All right call me call me for some overtime
Call me......

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damn that was good!! Hope I don't miss Part II

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Wow that's way more comments than I expected lol. Thanks everyone.

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