Camming it Up  

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4/30/2006 4:29 pm

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Camming it Up

Heh, well, I was bored this weekend and spent some time perusing the little "view other members' webcam" thing, and found it rather entertaining. It seems Canada and the UK boast the most cammers. So, I guess the French and English are the biggest exhibitionists? You residents will have to let me know.

Webcams are quite amusing, considering you can tell who is being naughty and who is just sitting there typing by the number of people viewing them at any one time. Anything exceeding 300 people typically indicates somebody naked. Above 500 and they might be playing with nipples. Above 700 and you can bet she's masturbating. The way to hit the even 1000 mark or higher is to make sure you've got audio also.

I ran into one lady who doesn't actually have the camera on, just the audio. She'll pick one of the many many men and women "viewing" her, talk dirty to them until she orgasms (well, the jury's still out on that, I think she's faking), and move on to the next one.

Make no mistake though, some of the people out there should not turn the camera on. They should be out exercising or trimming their beards...*shudder*

Anyway, it's a neat little feature, so you may want to check it out. I didn't get into the guy cams because well, I have no desire to see men naked, so you're on your own there. I can tell you that for every horny exhibitionist woman on at any one moment, there's usually a minimum of three horny exhibitionist men on, so you should not have any trouble finding a guy on cam.

As for me, while I do sport a web camera, I am not much of an exhibitionist. I'm not even a fan of changing clothes in front of other people. So, I'm sorry, but there's very little likelihood you will ever get to see me on camera at all, and if I am, I'll probably be wearing regular clothes. (I just don't want to be breaking computers like I break those little Kodak cameras when people try and take snapshots of my ugly mug )

How about you ladies? Do you have your camera set up? If I keep browsing these will I spot you? Is it more of a turn on to be recorded or to watch?

saddletrampsk 54F

4/30/2006 5:16 pm

I rarely cam on AdultFriendFinder..unless I have a partner who is into it..

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