is this thing on?  

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2/23/2006 3:13 pm

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is this thing on?

a friend suggested i start a blog, put my thoughts down in asci...i don't think this is what she had in mind...but it's a start!

my sexcapades...

I've been online now for a couple months now on and off. I've sent way too many emails, recieved a few back, most with invitations to check out some other website where I have to pay for something or other.
I actually met one person for lunch, but she was looking for a boyfriend or husband or something, not sex. Is this whole site just a sham? A digital mirage in the desert of my love life, tempting me just enough with unreachable pleasure that i keep laying out my nineteen dollars and ninety-nine cents every month to feed my frustrations?

Is it me? or does the internet add 10 pounds...

I'm beginning to wonder if there is something in my profile that repels women, like body odor that you don't smell until your friend asks "what stinks?" and you realize it might be the reason the girl behind you in the line at Quiznos was giving you a funny look.
I'm a pretty educated and intelligent guy, but i'm no good at reading women, even when i'm standing right next to one having a conversation. Add in the miles of wire and electricity between myself and a woman I'm hoping will reply to my witty yet depricating email, and I'm hopeless.

I think I need a dating tutor. Someone who can look at my profile and emails and screen anything that would make a regular woman think "you've got to be kidding!"
Someone who can take a picture of me that is artistic and appealing, so i don't look like a desperate pervert with a webcam.
Someone who can vouch for me and help explain to the really popular hot girl why she should give me a chance.
Thats what I need...a tutor!

Where can I find a dating tutor? Is there a dating tutor matchmaking website?

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