Friday 16 June dancing  

rm_Pornosurfer 35M
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6/18/2006 3:32 am
Friday 16 June dancing

Damm.. the days go to fast in Thailand. Now its already Friday and time to decide what do to. My friend is in Singapore fighting with his soon to become ex for the 11 time in 2 weeks. They fuck for 3 days then fight for 2 days and then break up. And then they do it all over, ok sex is important but not THAT important. I hate fighting with people such a waste of time.
So I can forget him follow me out so i decide to go to Tapas in Silom. I work with my websites all day and later in the evening i walk down (20 min) to WOW fitness in Silom. Meet my favorite workout partner (her body is to die for) do a 2 hour workout with her and then walk home for a final rush in the shower and then take a taxi to Silom again. Stepped in the Club around 00.00 said hello to all the regulars i saw was there and started stepping away. I do not talk much when i go out i mostly dance and if some one like me i let them come to me. The reason is i am so tiiiiiirrred of all the money girls in Thailand. I do not mind the GO GO girls and the Bar girls but the girls that dress nice and tell me lies for day or two and then after i fucked them sennsell confess that actually are money girls. Two girls start chatting with me now in the Chat on i finish this later

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