My first Indonesia fuck  

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10/16/2005 6:56 am

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My first Indonesia fuck

Now that I'm in Jakarta, I'm hoping to add to my number of Indonesian friends to party with. I love their brown skin, their lovely smiles and their passion.

My first Indonesian fuck actually happened in Orange County, south of Los Angeles. I had responded to an ad in one of the swinger magazines. It just said mixed couple, wife Asian, looking for one select, well-endowed male. I sent them a note saying if they were still looking, I would like to apply. She was incredibly hot in the photo and I assumed they would receive a ton of responses. They wrote back right away and said yes, they are interested in meeting me and sent me their phone number. I called it the next day and the wife answered. I told her who I was and asked if I should call back when “Dan” was home. She said I could talk to her and her husband could call me back later if he wanted to talk. So I talked with “Dezy” for about 40 minutes, learned she was from Bandung, met her husband in Jakarta and was now a citizen in the U.S. She was 26, he was 30 and she at first didn’t even know he had sent in an ad. They had talked about swinging for about 5 months before they met a couple. But things didn’t click and nothing happened. They decided to try to start by meeting a single male but she didn’t know about the ad until he showed her all the responses. Dezy said almost all of them turned her off one way or another. Most people only sent a pic of hard cock and no body or face pic, and many were just rude. I asked her if she chose me to contact and she said yes. Her husband left it up to her on who and he would do the rest.

She said she would tell Dan that I called and he could call back that night to see if we could set up a time and place to meet. It was great talking to her because I knew she was comfortable with the idea of swinging and was indeed interested in meeting me. About 6:30 Dan called and we talked about a half hour. He told me about Dezy (kind of shy but an animal sexually), that she wanted to try a threesome with a guy like me (I could hear her giggle and say something in the background) and asked me several general questions. We decided to meet at a restaurant/bar that Friday.
I never know what to expect after the first meeting so I brought lots of condoms in case they were needed. I arrived at the bar but no couple matching the description. I sat down and ordered a drink. About 5 minutes later, a guy comes over and says “Are you Pony?” Dan was alone and I was initially bummed. We chatted for a little while and then he took me over to a table where Dezy was sitting. Oh wowww! She was sexier than in her pic. She sat there with a white, low-cut dress hardly containing her awesome brown tits. I wanted to slide my hand in there right then. The dress was short revealing her lovely brown legs. And her huge smile was to die for. She was incredibly beautiful. I could tell she wasn’t real tall but she had a perfect woman’s body. I sat in the chair by the window next to her and Dan sat across. We talked a bit but I could tell they were very nervous about what people might here around us so we didn’t talk about sex much. We had some drinks and snacks and we were laughing. She didn’t mind me staring at her and would look my way and bend down and press against the table. Shit it was hot.

To make a long story short, we spent the rest of the time teasing. Dan said after a while that if things clicked which they had, they hoped I could spend the next day (Saturday) with them. I was committed until 2 pm helping a cousin move that Saturday but I promised to come over after that. That made them happy and Dezy said she would have lunch ready for me. I remember that day because that was the first time I had sate.

After lunch they showed me around their apartment and we decided to go swimming. Dan gave me some swim shorts of his to borrow and pointed to a guest bathroom. “Can I change in here?” I asked innocently. They both laughed and said sure. The first time people see each other naked can be awkward in a swinging situation. You don’t know whether to dive in or wait. I quickly stripped naked and then pretended to inspect Dan’s shorts. They undressed over by their closet, whispering and looking at me, she was being a little shy with her nudity. Without any green light clues from them, I wasn’t going to make the first move (but my cock was as it was slowly swelling). But they continued and she put on a one-piece swimsuit. I stepped into Dan’s shorts and slowly pulled them up. I am a born exhibitionist so I have no problem waving my dick around. The 3 of us went swimming. Dan told me quietly that Dezy was really getting hot and wanted to do something today. I asked him if I should make the first move or what. He suggested when we get in the Jacuzzi, I could discreetly touch her.

About 20 minutes later we had our chance as the last couple got out of the spa. The three of us rushed over and jumped in. Dezy was sandwiched between the two of us. She slid down so just her head was above water. The first thing I did was free my dick so she could find it. Then I discreetly started massaging her leg while talking about cars since someone was lying on a towel nearby. Dezy did find my hard cock. I think she was going to touch my swimsuit when she discovered it had already been freed. She played a little but I could tell she was uncomfortable in a public place, even though we were hidden under air bubbles. She whispered something to Dan and then she leaned over and whispered the same thing to me, “I want take a shower now with you two.” I fixed my shorts and the 3 of us got out, grabbed our towels, ran up to their apartment on the 3rd floor, ran into their master bathroom and the three of us took a long shower together before going to the bed. And there I fucked my first Indonesian beauty. Just awesome.

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