Foreplay under his nose...and full blown sex when he left  

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11/11/2005 6:42 am

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Foreplay under his nose...and full blown sex when he left

It went really well last night at Pixie, [bored_pixie] and her partner's place.
These are a list of the highlights.
We proceeded with the foreplay while he was in the next room but with the door open.
I fingered Pixie and kneaded her breasts and rubbed her nipples while she rubbed my cock. I then took my cock out and put my coat over it so she was able to wank me and when he came back in the room he was completely unaware what was going on.
To help him alude to what was happening I removed Pixie's thong and left them on the floor... you will remember last time I pushed them under the sofa but this time I placed them so he could see them when he came back in the room.
He did see them when he came back in but said nothing. When we went out Pixie gave my cock a suck and then got up and put her head round the door to talk to her partner while I fingered her and rubbed her g-spot and clit while she did her best to maintain a straight face and continue the conversation.
Eventually her partner had to go out so we striped off and jumped into the bed.
We had a nice 69 and I also fingered and licked her arse a little.. she's building up to doing anal because she hasn't done that with her partner and what's me to take her arse in front of him when we have got further down the road.
I then went down on her and just licked her to orgasm... she is extremely vocal when she comes... it was great to hear and feel and taste and powerful orgasm.
I then entered her and before long could hold on no longer as I fucked her hard and filled her with spunk.. the idea being that later he would go down her and not know that something extra had been left in there for him.. but alas it didn't quite work out that way... but we will try again another time.
On Saturday we plan to flirt and touch and kiss and caress when he is watching us rather than when he is in the next room and see how far we can push things before he actually says something.

rm_panther1963 53M
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11/20/2005 3:38 am

damm! keep this going - how very very horny!!!

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