Love to please..  

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12/4/2005 4:38 pm

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Love to please..

I am a nice and plain guy with a big heart who loves to please. I am professional black man with a great sense of humor. I am 39 years old, and I am 6ft 210-215 with a medium carmel complexion. I am good conversationalist and zest for pleasing. I am not the best lover but I really feel that a woman's desires and pleasure should always come first. Corny but, In the same way you open a door to show respect, you should strive to open a woman's mind way before you ever seek to open her legs. I truly believe a woman must be mentally seduced and made love to before the physical.

My thoughts(Yes, I wrote it)

I want to get to know you. How many nights have a longed for you. Your touch. Seeking to envelope you in such an embrace, exotic touch, and deep wet kisses. Minds on different planes wondering where you are? In the same physical space but many miles away. Light years. Should two so close be so far away? Never. How do two who are so far away become one mentality, physically and sexually?
Romance is a charm. Love and romance would be keys to many hearts. How deeply will it open your heart? Desiring more than what is being offered I desire ecstasy at levels I only dream about.

My dreams, lovely dreams of love, sex, romance. Do men desire more than sex? Yes. A meeting of hearts and passion of pleasing that causes a woman to lose herself in the moment, seconds and hours. Wanting to know you in ways that you may not know yourself. Seeking a deep connection of love and erotic love making with few boundaries that causes one to mental orgasm long before the physical appears.

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