The Affair...Part 2  

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The Affair...Part 2

The Affair ....Part 2

They stood there holding each other for a long time. He looked into her eyes, before they were green, now they were grayish blue. He had been told that his eyes changed, but he had never met another person with amorous blue eyes. He told her about it and she said his had too. A small, secret they both now shared, and a very uncommon trait.

Someone from the hotel staff walked out of the building and they decided to move on. The magic moment had ended. They walked around the front of the building, looked at the time and both felt obligation tugging at the collar and mentioned that they really should get going. As they got to her car, they were still holding hands and talking. She got in and unlocked the passenger door as if to invite him in. Joe walked around the car and climbed in to the seat. They started kissing again, slowly at first, but quickly becoming very passionate. There was no one around, but they were in a parking lot, something that stayed in the back of Joe’s mind. It started raining outside. The gentle tapping of the raindrops mixing with the music coming from Susan’s car stereo combining in a calming secluding way, to make them feel like they were in there own universe. The kissed more passionately than either had in many years. After several minutes, Susan’s phone rang. She looked at her caller ID and saw it was her husband calling. Once again, the moment was broken. Joe knew it was time to go.

They both sat up straight and fixed their hair and clothes, laughing a little nervously and joking about being teenagers again. They gave each other their cell phone numbers and agreed to meet next week, this time for lunch, and she promised to be free for the afternoon. She smiled and Joe knew exactly what she meant.

He drove home daydreaming about Susan. She was an incredible woman. He felt like the fog had lifted and he could see the world and all its wonder for the first time in years. He noticed the green of the new leaves just coming out and the fresh smell of the air after the spring rain had passed. He thought it was like Dorothy landing in OZ and the black and white picture went to color. He was alive again and feeling a whole lot younger than he had in years.

She was a vibrant woman. Not a classic beauty by media standards, but she was beautiful to him. She had a warm smile and bright mischievous eyes. And that kiss! It was like a life altering experience. He had a lot of experience with women before he got married. Or maybe he just thought so anyway. He had never had a woman kiss him like that though. He knew that next week would be intense. He knew she would be an incredible lover and he hoped she would think the same about him. He thought that she was rocked by it as much as he was. She seemed it when they parted. The chemistry was just right. There was no other way to define it. It was a cliché but one that fit.

He was still too far from home to get his favorite radio stations, so he scanned the dial on the radio. He tuned into a classic rock station, typical of many corporate owned stations today, but he enjoyed it this time. He was singing along with the radio to all his old favorites from the 70’s. "Lying Eyes" came on and he started to feel a little guilty. As he got closer to home "Take It On The Run" came on. He thought it was a conspiracy to make him guiltier. He decided though that nothing was going to take away his mood. He turned it up loud and sung along. At least he was alone in the car so no one would groan.

“I heard it from a friend who…heard from a friend who… heard it from another you been messin around”

He had never really liked that song. But as long as it was on, he would belt it out now. He looked forward to next week and thought about how he would make excuses to go back up to that area soon. Fortunately, his was wife was too preoccupied to pay much attention to the details of his business, so he could make up some customer or project if she asked. The truth was that he was going up just to see her, with no pretext of actually making the trip for business. He wanted to have lots of time and freedom to be with her as much as possible.

The week dragged on. Each day he anticipated seeing her more. He had been chatting with her for an hour or more every day and they had spoken on the cell phone four times. In one conversation, she admitted that the moment was incredibly intense for her as well. Joe was walking air the rest of the day. He thought it funny how such a thing could have that big of an impact on him. Since he had become so cold and callous as he got older. But it did, and he didn’t try to fight it. He was becoming obsessed with her and he knew it.

He thought about that for a while. Was it love? He was old and wise enough, he thought, to recognize that he really didn’t know her that well. Was it lust or infatuation? Probably a little of both, he surmised. She had a way of knowing what he was thinking though. When he talked to her, it was like they had known each other for years. Was she just a skilled communicator with the ability to see right through him? Was he really that easy? The more he thought about it the more questions came up. He decided to put them all aside until after they met again. He didn’t want anything to tarnish that day with her.

He had made arrangements at a local motel for an early check in and had gotten a room in the back after explaining to the clerk that he didn’t want to hear any road noise. She looked at him with a doubtful expression and gave him a room that couldn’t be seen from the road. Joe was sure she didn’t believe his story and that she had probably heard it all before.

Susan was waiting for him at the restaurant when he arrived. She had gotten there early and gotten a nice table in the back. It was just at the start of the lunch crowd and the place was starting to fill up. When he saw her, his heart seemed to skip a beat and his pulse kicked up a notch. She looked up and smiled. Her face lit up and Joe could see it was genuine. No more doubts now.

The restaurant was lakeside next to a marina and the boats were beginning to fill in. Joe loved to sail and he pointed out a few boats he would love to have. She was a boater as well. Could it get any better than this he thought? They ordered, club sandwiches and fries, and picked at them, neither one finishing, joking that they could have split one. When they left, they were a little more discreet; she was closer to home this time and couldn’t walk out arm in arm. Not here anyway. They met back at the hotel a few minutes later. She was grateful that the parking was in the back so that her car couldn’t be seen from the road.

As soon as they walked through the door and Joe locked it, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and gave him a kiss. She laid her head on his shoulder and told him how much she had wanted to kiss him in the restaurant and how she had been thinking about this all week. He gently lifted her chin and kissed her again. They stood there embracing and kissing for several minutes and then slowly backed into the room towards the bed. He had his arms around her waist and he was rubbing her back. Reaching lower he felt her hips, which were pushing a little into his. He pulled her closer to him and she responded, kissing his neck and started unbuttoning his shirt.

Her hips were not small but full and round. She was shapely, with ample breasts and he could feel them pressed against his chest, wanting to be released. He started slowly undressing her, savoring the new sensation of her being revealed. Her scent was in his nostrils, enticing and intoxicating. Her perfume was mixing with own scent of arousal. The passion was building in the room. It was all encompassing and total. Nothing could stop them now.

To be continued……

rm_saintlianna 45F
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10/30/2005 9:13 am

That was agood story. It's kind of depressing when you have to live vicariously through other peoples stories though, like I do.

rm_PoTownFunGuy 60M

10/31/2005 5:39 am

Thank you Saint. I think we all live vicariously through something, even if it is our own outlook.

ExploreMore4Me 59F

11/4/2005 4:04 pm

Potown...My are quite the author! Great job! Can't wait to read the rest!

Hug &{=}'s

rm_PoTownFunGuy 60M

11/5/2005 6:55 am

Thank you EM4M, That compliment coming from someone who has such a gift with words as you do means a great deal! Unfortunately, "The Rest" has to wait until time and motivation collide. (like when Worlds Collide! LO

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