The Affair  

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The Affair

The story below is fiction. Not that it isn't a little real, or that it couldn't be real, but it didn't actually happen as told. Like most stories, it is based on a little truth and a little imagination, with the names and places changed to protect the not so innocent. It is a long one and so will be presented in sections. I don't know how many yet, because it is not told all the way through to the end, if there is an end....
I present part 1 now for the enjoyment of all who may land on this humble spot. Feel free to comment or offer advise on what poor Joe or Susan are to do next!

The Affair

Joe was bored. At least he knew it this time. Money wasn’t a problem, he had a good career and all he needed. He had nice kids and an attractive, well-educated wife. Still, he was bored. His marriage had become one of routine. Sex was an occasional thing and never lasted long or got too steamy. Conversations were more and more one sided as he gradually tuned out.

As the months went on, he found himself surfing the Internet. First it was for news, and then he found that auction sites were a fun diversion. Finally, he found a site that catered to people looking for that missing something. Yes, a sex site. Was it really that simple? Could he just post an ad and meet other people in his position?
Joe was always a bit of a risk taker. He gave it a shot and posted an ad. He quickly figured out that there were far more men on the site. His post was pretty lame too. With some tweaking and a lot of messages sent, Joe finally started to get some response.

He set up an IM account, another first! He was chatting with women from around the state. After a few weeks of this, he arranged for a face-to-face meeting. Her name was Susan. She lived 75 miles away in a city he where he had some clients. They agreed to meet for dinner in an out of the way place. He booked a room in a hotel nearby.

He waited in the lot in his car as they had arranged. She was a no-show. Had she gotten scared? Did she have second thoughts? Was she really there but not making herself known because she didn’t like what she saw? Maybe it was just a hoax. Joe would never know. It bothered him tremendously because of the trepidation and anticipation he had endured. He was discouraged. He was outraged. He said to himself he was through with this whole thing. He wasn’t going to be made a fool of again.

He sat down in the restaurant he had picked for the meeting, ate a small meal and went back to his hotel room ‒ alone. He traveled frequently and had planned this trip to her town around this encounter. When he kicked on his laptop and checked his messages, it was there. The message that he secretly hoped he’d see. She had gotten de-railed by her husband’s plans and couldn’t get in touch. She wanted to meet for breakfast the next day.

That wouldn’t work for Joe. He did have to do a little real business after all. He had scheduled meetings the next day and it was too late to change them, but he would be done by 2 o'clock and maybe he could meet her then. The only way they had communicated was through IM and email. He knew her last name, but he didn’t dare look her up and call her house. He didn’t even know if she had a cell phone.

He launched his IM and typed a message. She came online right away, apologetic but grateful that he was still talking to her. They chatted for another 10 minutes and worked out a plan to meet in the lobby of a resort hotel with a conference center the next day at 2. That would be a good place because not many people would be around then and the chance of her being seen would be slim there.

Joe had never seen Susan before. They had exchanged pictures, but pictures can lie. They can be doctored, taken to show your best side, or just a picture of what you looked like 10 years ago. As he waited in the lobby, sitting in a chair that was designed to only look comfortable, he watched the door. Would she show up? Was last night really because of plans that her husband made or was she just afraid to follow through? Was Susan the woman that she seemed or was that just an image that he created?

She was fifteen minutes late and he was ready to leave when he looked up and saw her walking through the door. He recognized her instantly from the photos. No they weren’t accurate at all. She was far more beautiful in person! She was radiant. It seemed to Joe that Susan didn’t walk so much as float across the room. Her every move was graceful and easy. She saw him at once and her smile lit up the room. She made no excuse for being late, nor did he say anything. He was too mesmerized to care.

She reached out a hand and they shook. Her touch was like silk. Almost, but not quite, like a caress to him. Their eyes locked and he found warmth there that he hadn’t seen in a long time. He no longer doubted her or why he was there.

He extended a hand in the direction of the lounge and they walked in. The bartender was getting ready for his shift and they soon found out that the bar didn’t open until 3. They grabbed some chairs back in the lobby and started talking. Time seemed to disappear. They talked for an hour in what seemed a few minutes. The lounge was open now and they went in for a drink. After another 20 minutes, they went for a stroll outside, it was a brisk spring day and the clear dry air felt good.

Joe reached out a little and she did the same. It was a very natural movement, and they were walking hand in hand around the outside of the resort. The trees were just getting leaves and the grass was already starting to grow after the long winter. The new hope of spring ran through Joe’s veins as well. They had walked around to the rear of the building and found a pool that was still covered for winter.

They stopped walking and leaned on the fence for a minute. She turned toward him ever so slightly. He reached out to touch her face and kissed her. It was a slow simple kiss that seemed to never end. He was still touching the side of her face with one hand as their lips gently parted. He could feel the passion surge within ‒ something he had not felt in a very long time. She reached up and touched his cheek with her soft fingertips, caressing his ear and down to his neck. Her fingernails were perfectly manicured and she stroked them over his skin ever so gently. He could feel his knees getting weaker as they stood there barely touching each other and just kissing. He knew that she felt it too. The resort the pool and the people around them dissolved. There was nothing in the world then but that kiss.

To be continued……

ExploreMore4Me 59F

10/19/2005 4:05 am

Dear Potown... where's the next part, huh? Very good...very good indeed! Will be anxiously awaiting to read the rest of this!

Hugs & Kisses My Friend!


rm_PoTownFunGuy 61M

10/19/2005 4:03 pm

Dear EM4M,
Thanks for the encouragement...coming from you it means a lot as I really enjoy your writing and poetry that you post!

This is the first piece of "fiction" writing I have done in years and the first one I have ever done that has not been a course requirement. The good news is no one is grading it!

As for the rest of it, the world will have to wait a few days! Duty calls and all of that...not much time for play this week! Have a great time in Chicago!!

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