Sleepless in Minneapolis  

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10/3/2005 4:41 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Sleepless in Minneapolis

I've currently gone 56 hours now without sleep thanks to several complications including work, loud roomates, and the desire to explore this site considering I've only been on for a couple days. Lately, my friends and co-workers have attempted to get me over this fear of rejection and onto talking to women in public places. Hitting on women in malls and such I believe would be the easiest way to put it. Sadly, there hasn't been all too much success

Onto more interesting things, I've come to the conclusion that adult relationships are comlicated beyond all belief. How 2 adults can keep up with one another without cheating and staying on committment without getting bored of each other after more than a year seems rather impossible to me. One of my co-workers (age 23) says I'll understand it when the time comes... I kinda doubt it...

Back on track to the title before I lose too much focus yes, no sleep and work again in 8 hours. Sigh... A site like this for a horny virgin like me is too much. Ah well, finally a yawn and the burning sensation in my eyes is a great signal for me to close the laptop and get some shut-eye. I just hope my body will comply with this ^^.

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