Reminisces and wanderings of the mind.  

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11/16/2005 4:09 pm

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Reminisces and wanderings of the mind.

The varieties of the flesh and mind seem to mingle in a miriad of tantalizing vagaries.

With the advent of the winter season and my incredible lack of tolerance, I want to just be unhinged and supplant my normal logical and conducive thought processes since all they seem to really cause is my stress level to rise. Can a person rely on another or is this a falacy that our society teaches us so that we are not so "alone"?

I bring a different value and sometimes am shot down so that I can serve the purpose of the "example" of what not to do. At other times, I am lifted up and shown that I am a magical and talented personality with all of the possibilities in the world. Finally, when it comes time to start showing the world my true colors, I alienate everyone and everything because I look different.

On the outside I am just like anyone, but bear in mind that inside of all of us, we have a collection of thoughts, ideas, behaviors, and values which define the limits of our existence because without them we are limitless and our mind rebels at the thought of no limits. Do the ramblings make sense or is it just another crackpot that society has lost in the cracks of it's foundation?

The foundation that has eroded my soul should remain accountable, yet who controls the foundation? I know that the foundation of my life is very much in place, but the foundation of this world seems to be in a constant flux of yin and yang. The balance seems to be skewed and yet there is a balance in chaos even. The balance lies in change and chaos. Finally, the answer lies out there (or maybe inside of me), yet I feel like that lost piece of flotsam as it drifts along the tears of all of the lost innocence in this world. Until next time, the words of Gulliver and beyond tempt me to utter them with the assurance of a long lost friend.

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