A story of Christina  

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2/17/2006 7:32 am

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A story of Christina

If you would close your eyes and imagine, you would realize that you already know the setting. You can already hear the music and see the candles flickering flame as it dances to the beat. You can smell the room. Patchouli. It doesn’t drift through the air; it emanates from the room like perfume from a rose. Relax. Dream. Put yourself there because I want you to feel every word I write and taste every kiss I describe.

Remember how the round chair sat in the corner with the netting surrounding it? He sat there. Picture it in your mind. That chair with the fabric on the walls behind it and the pillows surrounding him. Breathe. Taste the air. The scent of it. The humidity of it. Listen closely so that you can hear us breathing. Hear the music playing and the crickets chirping outside the window.

He sits in that chair with the candles flickering and the music playing and he pulls her down along his right side. She is so beautiful to me. So perfect that I could weep tears of exquisite pain. Or joy. As she settles in along the side of his body, turned slightly to drape her leg over his thigh, he reaches a hand towards me.


Along his left side is just enough room for me if I curl around him. My body would press tight if I joined them and I hesitate. I hesitate. And in the space of time it takes to draw a shaky breath, I settle into that small space with my body pressed so tight against him that I am almost touching her.


My breathing is just a little too quick. My pulse is racing ahead to the moment when my skin will brush against her softness. That creamy, tanned perfection that is her skin shimmers in the light.

He puts his hands up to the back of each of our heads and pulls us to him. Too close to his face to even breathe.


Imagine the contrast.

Her on one side. Blond and lush.

Me on the other side. Auburn and small.

I don’t remember kissing him for that first time. I don’t remember wanting his mouth against mine. What I remember is wanting her. We kissed him forever. Nuzzling his neck. His jaw. His lips. Taking turns. Sharing.

And in one heartbeat, one moment, my life stopped. The world fell away and nothing existed outside of that chair. That cocoon we had settled into shrouded us from reality and even he fell away. Of course it was bound to happen but neither of us had planned it.

Three mouths touched and then there were only two.

You know her mouth. You can imagine her lips touching mine. Her tongue slipping from between those perfect lips to slide between mine. To tease against my tongue.

A kiss.

So perfect.

So sweet.

Guys don’t kiss like that. There was no sense of urgency and no impatience to get beyond the kiss and start fucking. Guys always kiss like that. They never savor the texture just for the pure pleasure of how soft a woman’s lips are. They never gasp because the warm wetness of a tongue caresses their lower lip. Men are planning on the destination, thinking ahead to the moment when they will be inside the woman. Women are always thinking of how beautiful each and every stop on the journey is.

Each stop on her is beyond compare. Kissing her defies description because there is no hyperbole that quite accurately describes her tenderness, her beauty, her sensuality. She is everything a woman should be and more.

Her mouth is pure heaven as it caresses mine. Soft, ripe and lush just like the rest of her. We kiss forever in that second of time and he is hard and straining beneath us. We can hear him groan and feel his chest rising and falling faster and faster. Still we kiss. Until he can stand no more and he pulls us back down to him.

His hands caress every bit of flesh that is exposed by slipping and shifting clothing. I can feel his fingers on my hip and on my ribcage and I know that he is using his other hand to touch her. I can’t help it. I can’t resist. I reach out and place my hand alongside his as it travels over the curve of her waist. No longer is it enough to just be near her or resting against her, I need to explore her.

My God, I need to feel her flesh against mine.

To taste the soft skin that is bared by his fingers.

I am ready to scream with frustration. With ecstasy. I want her more than I have ever wanted anyone in my life but I can’t have her because I know that the true intensity of my desire would make her pause. Would shock her just a little.

I shift a little in the chair, wrapping my body around his so that I can be closer to her. Her arm is wrapped around my body, snuggling me into them. Pulling me closer to heaven. Her fingers press into my spine and each point of contact is pulling me closer still.

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