The Case of the 23 inch Penis  

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4/17/2006 9:53 pm

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The Case of the 23 inch Penis

Not long ago I received an email from a man who claimed to have a 23 inch penis.

His email, which I did not save, said something along these lines:

"I am finally coming out in the open about this. I was born with a 9 inch penis. It continued to grow. At the current time it is 19 inches flacid and 23 inches fully erect."

Unfortunately, he neglected to attach a pic.

Now, on the whole, I have found people on AdultFriendFinder to be honest, upfront, intelligent, and fairly represented (except regarding age). But for some reason, this man's claim immediately struck me as false. Initially I completely ignored the letter, then, in a peevish mood, sent a note saying "yeah, right." I thought this might inspire him to send photos if the thing were....well....I mean...obviously it couldn't be TRUE but if there were any truth in the story at all (like,maybe, he had a 13 inch...?)

Instead of inspiring photographic-proof, however, my note simply pissed the fellow off. He commented "your loss," and probably relegated my response to the same trash bin his letter found in my mailbox.

But, what did he hope might come of this, er, long tale?

Obviously, it was a lie. It was a blatant lie. It was a lie so extreme that it wasn't even intriguing. I mean, a 12 or 13 incher might be a bit fascinating...but...well...I like to be able to actually embrace a partner during the act.

When asked about the significance of breast or penis size, we all want to shout out our dimensions. It makes for a nice, specific, numerical ID to pin on our sexuality. I can say I am a 36D and you folks think you know something about me. If I said I were a 34B, you would know something different about me. A 42C and something else again.

Likewise, men who are "well endowed" tend to say so, and if a man should mention that he is below average in penile size we think we know something about him, too.

No other aspect of our bodies contains so much information (real or implied). One blog I read recently suggested that large breasted women are more sexual than small breasted women, more wild, fun, 'good in bed.' (I have heard that about men with larger peni also, come to think of it).

What if we women all listed our belt size instead of our breast size? If my waist is 24 inches am I more fun than a woman whose waist is 36 inches?

But a woman with a 36D bra size seldom has a 24 inch waist, does she? (there are exceptions, of course). So if I said that, you might wonder at my veracity.

What liberties are we justified in taking in this forum (the AdultFriendFinder profile)? Adding an inch in height? Removing five years in age? Calling hair blond because it was once? Decreasing our dress size? Photo-shopping our fanny-shots?

And what is just not nice: An age lie of 15 years or more (I've heard 'em)? a photo left over from college?

How do we draw the line?

WaNative63 53M
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4/18/2006 7:54 pm

Some interesting thoughts and questions there - the type that make people (at least me) think.

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