Day one  

rm_PerfectClass 51M
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7/13/2005 2:46 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Day one

Signed on today for the first time and completed the profile which defined me as an "Extraverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiver" (ENFP) personality commonly referred to as "The Social Philosopher".

I pretty much think it's a right on assessment. Also took the Naughty/Nice "Purity" test which I answered honestly and came out with an 87% NAUGHTY score, (why doesn’t that surprise me?)...although I am pleased to note that I have never done more than three recreational drugs in the same evening as one of the questions asked...? (Has anyone ever done that and remained standing let alone retained the ability to fuck?)

I've not yet posted my photos as I am thinking that I might post them soon, then write to those I wish to make contact with and pull the pics down soon after so I don’t run the risk of public discovery of who I am locally. I really do need to practice some discretion as I have a business that is in the public eye.

As I want to keep this pretty much a sexual blog, I guess I should make a record of my most recent encounter.

Late last night with "L" before we went to sleep, we uncharacteristically made-out and the kissing was delightful.
Naturally it lead to other actions and I kissed down her fair skin and ended up between her closely shaven thighs.
"L" has one of the sweetest pussies I have ever tasted. She has nice meaty full pussy lips and her cunt is as pink as her Mary Kay pink one would hope to find and expect on fair skinned, strawberry blonde 24 year old young woman.

Not one to eat just any pussy, I find that I just can’t get enough of her cunt. So I went to work, teasing, lickings, flicking my tongue and she quickly got wet, yet I was unable after about 20-25 minutes of continuous sucking and licking bring her to orgasm. I like to do that because she is so much more responsive to the fucking that follows and she often rides the orgasm rollercoaster more then ten times before jerking away due to over sensitivity and the need to catch her breath. (Sometimes I grab her by the hair, wrap myself around her and continue to stroke her anyway until I cum...Which she also enjoys).
But last night I couldn’t get her to roll over with a tongue orgasm, so I soon began to fuck her with my tongue and really push her clit firmly with a flattened tongue the way she enjoys, yet still, to no avail.
Finally I was just out and out face fucking her and moving my face against her sopping wet pussy from the hairline on my forehead, past my nose, across my lips and tongue and finally down to my chin...and then back up again! It was awesome!
I was totally immersed...face first...and wiping my face from top to bottom against her throbbing, soaking cunt faster and faster...and it worked as I felt her pussy contract, her breath stop, and then she began to shake...and Bingo!..She came and shuttered and jettisoned herself off of my face. (It made me want to lie down and have her ride my face someday in the near future).

My face was as wet as if I had just splashed water all over it! was my turn. I lowered myself and immediately entered her and since she has just cum she was as tight as a glove.
I stroked and changed rhythms and enjoyed her as I told her to spread her legs ever wider and wider talking dirty to her from time to time, asking her if she was a naughty hole and if she liked having her tight pussy filled...making her respond, (she’s loves it..And mine to make her happy).

Finally, I just had to get off, so I pulled out, turned her over on her belly, yanked her by the hips so her booty was in the air and her face in the pillows, and thrust fully and forcefully into her gaping hole. I started stroking slowly and worked my way up to warp speed as I put the final action she loves to the puzzle and sucked my thumb just before slowly sliding it deeper and deeper into her beautiful asshole as I continued to slam fuck her pussy until we both reach a screaming orgasm at the same time.

For us it was typical...yet is it really? Naw...we are just two lucky individuals who have found a fantastic fuck mate and have taken the time to discover and care about what the other persons needs are. Plus we talk…all the time.
Perhaps you would enjoy this type of adventure? Huh? Please do tell…dreams….can become a reality.

bludievyolitt 34F

8/18/2005 3:20 pm

as i have read, my mind's taken me to the place of "L". i am in this, feeling the ultimate pleasure and tingle-flashes. it reminds me of just the other night i had with my remarkable partner; a five and half hour session jam packed with toys, dirty words, and two sweat-covered bodies writhing against one another to reach yet another mutual multiple orgasm.

bicd4u2enjoy 60M
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8/19/2005 5:42 pm

Yum .. Connie Laura is soooooo excited. Soon Please

rm_peach6984 30F
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9/16/2005 12:28 pm

How i praise what he has said, like pleasure for us ia m green as well. Can't wait to find someone to do that for me, This story got me to shake as well.

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