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12/25/2005 7:40 pm

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I was surfing around on the site and had this random thought: I will have to say that internet personal sites are interesting, to say the least. As a woman that can be pretty self conscious about her appearance, I am not used to hearing things like, "You look so sexy" and "I really want to get to know you". How much of the stuff people say here is real?

rm_corezon 53F
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12/25/2005 8:44 pm

My opinion for what it counts; I've only been here and blogging about 6 weeks...some is real and some not depending upon your persective...most comments from the blogs are from regular bloggers...and alot of them are familiar with each other's online personalities, some have met in person, some not.

Most of these are good natured teases...I'm sure some really are aroused but most are appealing to the personality behind the blog and are hamming it up a little and are not just a nameless profile sifter especially when the comments start getting erotic in nature.

Slot of the regular bloggers don't live anywhere close to each other and chances of them meeting in real life are slim unless they really have reason to make an effort.

I have gotten comments on my blog from people checking out my profile...but most people surfing the profile don't dig into the blogs...seems to take a curious or bored mind...and I have seen comments from people with standard memberships on others' blogs 'cause they had no other way of communicating with that person but these seem to be the exception.

The few exeptions are blogs that are dedicated wholely to sexual questions whose titles grab the attention of the profile surfers.

Use the blog for an outlet, for a diary, whatever you want. Do whatever you feel comfortable with. If you want other BLOGGERS to notice you, then comment on their blogs. If you want SURFERS to comment then give your post titles a sexual, teasing, name. (Actually that might attract the BLOGGERS, too, lol!)

When you pay attention to the people leaving comments regularly it will be easier for you to figure out what you consider real and what not. If you want it to carry over into real life, though, I think your profile is the key.

rm_corezon 53F
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12/25/2005 8:50 pm

Also, I think if they tell you you look sexy, or that they want to get to know you better, they probably ARE serious, there are alot of lonely people out there. But be careful, too, there may not be very bad eggs or crazy people out there but it pays to be careful before you give out any personal information or meet somebody in real with them, do a background check, and meet them in public the 1st time, is what I would suggest. Listen to your intuition and DON'T believe everything you hear.

Please be safe. You sound like you're new to playing the field as well as the net thing;

By the way, Merry Christmas!


rm_PentUpGirl13 41F

12/25/2005 9:49 pm

Thanks for the advice. I will definately take it to heart. I am new to this stuff and want it to work but I want it to be safe.

Merry Christmas to you too!!

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