My Hottest Night  

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7/15/2005 9:03 pm

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My Hottest Night

It was something I never expected. Here I was chatting online and started chatting with a girl that was originally from my home town. After a while, the talked turned to sex and we found each other getting more and more aroused. Finally I asked her if she was interested in meeting. When she said yes, I couldn't get out the door fast enough.

When I got to her place, she was ready. I made it in the door, sat down, and took off my shoes. She was standing over me and I rose to let our bodies come together. While kissing, our bodies pressed harder and harder against each other and it didn't take long before she took me back to her bedroom.

I found myself laying there kissing her while my hands slide up her shirt. Her breasts were hard and firm. Slowly I caressed them and felt her nipples get hard. I let my mouth trail down to suck on them while my hand slide down her stomach and inside her pants. She was hot and very wet for me. I rubbed her clit between my fingers and felt her respond to my touch. I took her pants off and she spread herself in front of me. Slowly I kissed her up her leg until her clit was in my mouth.

After licking and sucking on her pussy, I came back up and kissed her passionately. While kissing, I could feel my hard cock pressing against her. She grabbed it and took it in. It didn't take long before I came deep inside her. With my cock still tender and throbbing, I pulled out and rolled off her. When laying there, she climbed on top of me and started to slide her wet pussy up and down on my hard cock. Then I was back inside her, my cock still throbbing from my orgasm. The pleasure was so intense that I couldn't handle it. Finally, she stopped so I could calm down. We then continued again for a while before we wore down.

After the sex, we laid there talking for a while and soon found ourselves falling asleep.

After sleeping for a couple hours, I awoke feeling her body against mine with her breasts in my hand. I kissed her lighly on her ear and found her awake also as she pressed her ass against my cock. When she pressed against me, I felt myself grow hard again and wasn't long when I found myself behind her. I pushed inside her and we had our second round of sex for the night.

We fell asleep again and this time it lasted until morning. In the morning, we found ourselves in each others arms again. It wasn't long before we found each other aroused again. This time I was on top of her again and pushing hard and deep. Her legs on my shoulders, I gave her orgasm after orgasm. Finally, we calmed down again and talked for a while. Eventually, I decided I better say my good-byes.

We continued to talk after that and found ourselves pleasuring each other a few more times. Eventually, she met someone else and our times together ended, but there will still be that night where we had some of the hottest sex.

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