What happened to women wanting respect?  

rm_Pebcac80 42M
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6/3/2006 1:04 pm
What happened to women wanting respect?

I am always baffled when I listen to current music, or go to a bar scene and watch the language that passes as "acceptable" anymore.

I am sure I am dating myself time wise, but I can't ever remember when a good pickup line at a bar was "Hey, honey, you a fly bitch".

As I heard this the other night I spun around and thought: wow. Where did this come on from? I'm suprised that this kind of thing works, maybe some guys can play it off that they are the macho hustler bit. But Good Lord, where did Women's Lib go?

I am not a major proponent of saying ban all men, or don't let men be men, but come on, is there a point where having guys just walk up and degrade you really appeals? I often wonder if these women weren't abused as kids.

While I may not always type in full proper grammar in a format such as this, due to time issues, I am amazed at how many women seemingly respond to this kind of bullshit.

Recently speaking to a friend, I was encouraged that "hey, women go for that strong man thing". Uh, wow. Fine, if they do they can find someone other then me. I'll be damned if I could deal with someone who had low enough self esteem that being treated like shit in public really worked for them. Yes, I get BDSM and other fetishes, and you can use those kind of word choices and play for sex and I do enjoy that. But there is a big difference between a private meeting where everyone knows what is up and publically calling someone out as a pickup line.

Yeah, maybe I'm old school. I generally like to do a nice dinner, a good bottle of wine, whatever. And I don't mind going out and dancing now and again.

But I guess I'm just a bit amazed at how packs of girls anymore have become so.. scandalous.. that they just sit and rip on each other and then wait to be called "hos" and "bitches" themselves. If you've got a degree, or if you're working and supporting yourself, then girl, why is being debased so "cool" ?

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