Sex Research Institute Values mixing Alcohol and Sex  

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6/28/2006 5:58 pm
Sex Research Institute Values mixing Alcohol and Sex

The recent Journal Of Sexual Research offered this interesting article:

Motivations for Mixing Alcohol and Sex: Development of a Research Instrument, Patricia Barthalow Koch, Penn State University

Within the paper, Patricia Koch, a solid researcher with great data, looks at why it is that men and women use Alcohol as a means to achieve sexual ends.

The general argument being made is that, by mixing alcohol in an environment, inhibitions are at times less then in a sober situation, and a man/woman may more easily be lured into a sexual situation.

The research work is solid, the data is impressive and I am very sure that the interview work was both time consuming and at times frustrating.

Now, for those of us here without a PhD in Psychological Sexual Dysfunction: raise your hand if you knew that Alcohol was an ice breaker?

Admittedly, this is coming from a person like me, who normally doesn't drink, but somehow I knew this without having a PhD or a complex study.

I am not devaluing her work, and it's good that someone did it, but I always laugh just a little bit when we "prove" something that seems so widely known that it is a granted.

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