Psychological Disorders by Blog, Fake Profile weirdness  

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8/21/2006 8:55 pm

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Psychological Disorders by Blog, Fake Profile weirdness

Ok, for those that have followed with any extent, you're aware that a few of the more "popular" blogs turned out to be.. fakes.

Sometimes I wonder why this suprises anyone. By putting up aesthetically pleasing model type creatures seemingly "hunting for adventure" people are able to build up a fake, somewhat mythical life in order to live vicariously through who they wish they were.

Odds are, a pair of lesbians in the UK may have been a 19 year old boy who hasn't had any more sex then a local hooker can supply for a $50.

But, I digress. In reality, there is actually a psychological condition that is taken after those who desire. Susan Harter, Donna b. Marold, Nancy R. Whitesell and Gabrialle Cobbs all wrote effectively about this problem in regards to teenage youth who have a tendency to create a false persona for themselves in order to live out the life of popularity in order to escape their own social problems.

Many of these people are actually intraverts, have social dysfunction issues, inability to communicate with others, bad self perception and social paranoia. By living out the life of people they perceive of as "super popular" they are able to follow their base desires - being wanted - without having to risk potential rejection because they aren't living out their own life, if they are rejected, so what, it's a fictional lifestyle.

From a psychological perspective, the problem becomes very serious when people start to buy their own bullshit. When people believe in themselves as their alternate social persona. Then, you can start to delve into schizophrenia, mania, manic depression and other issues. People begin to feel as though they themselves stop existing in order to keep up their false front, or that a fear of being revealed further drives them into a closet, for a deep and panicky fear that the discovery of their fiction will be crushing to them - it can seem psychologically like a big part of thier life has died. Some who suffer this problem seriously have gone through deep bouts of depression, comparing the incidents to the loss of a family member or spouse.

Look, it's bad that people devote so much time to something that is obviously a fiction. And, yes, in a sense it hurts the AdultFriendFinder type community. A lot of people here may not be supermodels, but we all like to read the thoughts of others and take for some reason their thoughts as legitimate. But for all the "those jerk" posts I read, I come back to just feeling sorry for those who get so wrapped up in developing a false life. Because what it tells me is that their real life is probably not very good that they need this kind of escapism.

we all need to escape from our daily life sometimes. I hope those who devoted so much effort to their false fronts - which they obviously did - find the right kind of support or counselling to deal with the obvious issues going on.

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8/21/2006 9:12 pm

So how do we know that you aren't some 19 yr old woman putting up the false front of a psychologically-aware, highly-literate male? Just kidding... interesting article.

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