Oooh.. 6/6/6 and other ridiculous mysticism  

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6/5/2006 8:39 pm

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Oooh.. 6/6/6 and other ridiculous mysticism

Sometimes I wonder if people still would like to go out, burn a witch or try to dig a giant moat. There is something incredibly ridiculous about the fact that, at this very moment, hospitals in Britain are busy counselling women that they will NOT give birth to the anti-christ:

Or that here in the US, we have groups that honestly believe something Demonic will happen. Well, I have advice for them.. something demonic WILL happen. It will happen when you least expect it. It will be terrible and send a shock through your body. Your postman will leave you bills and you will inherit spam offering you Viagra, Cialis, and other drugs at UNBELIEVABLE pricing!!

For the life of me, it just amazes me that such complete garbage manages to entice people into fear. FDR told the nation "We have nothing to Fear but Fear Itself." Which I think may be a stretch. I do have reasonable fear about realistic things (drunks, etc.) but high on my list is the fear of idiots. I am personally baffled and slightly scared by idiots. Oh, and idiots procreating is even scarier.

So, for all you women out there who will be attending counseling tomorrow to make sure you don't give birth on 6-6-6 hold it in. Studies from Harvard Medical tell us that Babies that are carried closest to full term have a higher likelihood of growing up smart. So, keep those premies in the oven for whatever weird reason you have. It's a chance they may come out a bit more enlightened then their parents

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