Methods of Video Taping Sex (Pt. 3)  

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Methods of Video Taping Sex (Pt. 3)

While the second method is more expensive, provides multi-view, etc. I saved this one for last because it requires another person and a free moving camera. It's easy in that situation to "feel" like you are a pro because there is literally, physically, another observer present who is constantly recording.

This method seems simple, and it can be, but it also gets screwed up more often then not.

There are three big errors that get made by people who have another video tape them:

* People get focus happy. In an attempt to look "Porn" potential filmmakers find themselves getting ultra-tight zoom-ins on penetration or any other action and you can find yourself staring at 4' balls on a big screen and say "um, OK." People also have a tendency to zoom in and zoom out often, as the person filming feels the need to show that they are "capturing everything" and hitting the zoom button makes them feel good about it.

If you are going to have a person film, the rules of focus are the same here as in any film. Alfred Hitchcock once said "make the viewer feel as though their is a reason for what they are viewing". If you are going to have someone film, make sure that you make them aware of where you believe the focus should be. Do you want constant tight shots of penetration? Would you like long views? etc. Controlling how the focus is used on a camera also prevents blurriness and makes things far more watchable later.

* I've got to MOVE! The other mistake that people make in filming someone else having sex could best be called "happy feet". This means that the person with a camera finds themself constantly moving. The most common movement is almost a "circling" of the people involved. What ends up happening is that lighting becomes inconsistent, the people having sex are distracted (they aren't pros) and the video looks like people fucking on a merry-go-round because of the constant movement of the camera. As with focus, the camera needs to move With Purpose so that when you watch it back it isn't dizzying.

* Constant Commentary Some people go for this. But rather then stay quiet, many camera persons feel the need to give a running color commentary while they record. Psychologically, I think it's done so they don't feel so awkward. But in a filmed situation, because they are much closer to the microphone, a cameraman/woman's voice will come off as booming and will overwhelm everything else. It also lends a really cheezy quality toward the output and makes viewing it back a constant reminder of the other person who was there, not what was intended to be filmed. It has to be distracting to suddenly hear "go for it Bob!" on a video you had hoped to capture.

So, before you have anyone film you, here is the best advice:

* Talk beforehand about what you want the video to look like Try to set up some simple "rules" for things that you want and don't want in your video. This isn't being a control freak, it also helps put them at ease because then they know what is probably expected of them. Specifically, talk about what you want in the frame, whether or not they should talk, the use of movement, and how close you want them to physically get to you.

* Make sure your room has plenty of space for someone else to move around you if need be If your room is cramped quarters, it means that everytime you move, everything has to stop because you have to reshuffle where people are in order to "set back up" This can be the ultimate in distractions. If the room is large enough where you can walk around each other without bumping into each other or moving furniture, it allows for a much more smooth filming that has a lot fewer awkward moments of people standing around figuring where the camera guy should go or how he should move there.

Then there are two ultimate suggestions in having someone else film you: use YOUR equipment and keep track of all tapes and film Dont' let anything walk out of your house.. unless you want it to.

I said I would do a set on how to do filming, so there you go. I'd love to say I film all of the time, but I rarely do.. actually, not for a while. But filming can be it's own excitement and I understand why some people are so into it. Since a few asked and posted that theirs came out poorly, I thought I would at least put out some methods that they can make them look much better.

To really increase the quality of this method, you can find many AV stores that will rent HiDef camcorders and boom mikes. Be prepared in that case for some real setup - but the rules stay the same as above. If you've got someone else filming, make sure they know what you want filmed!

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