Methods of Video Taping Sex (Pt. 1)  

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Methods of Video Taping Sex (Pt. 1)

Having read a few of the other blogs regarding video taping sex, specifically BiPolyBabe and amberabercrombie, I thoguht I would take sometime and put up methods for those who want to tape themselves that range from "quick and easy" to "looks good" to "looks like it was shot by pros!"

First, I want to start out with quick and easy. Based on the responses in their blogs, a lot of people have interest, but it's such a hastle, so they quickly drop the idea altogether. They may have interest to just see themselves, to use the material to masterbate to later, or to just remember with But they find that their results look bad or they find it's so much work that they don't want to be bothered with the farking time.

Their are several common mistakes people make when they film themselves that cause the output to look poor or to be almost unwatchable.

So, the quick and dirty technique to make a self-video first requires following these guidelines:

(1) Try to use a Digital Video Camcorder or other device. Newer digital devices provide much better ability to keep a steady focus. Many auto-focus analog models have a tendency during motion to become blurry, out of focus and tend to focus on other things in the room.

(2) If you are using an auto-focus camera, don't have a television or anything else with light and movement as this will cause an auto-focus camera to continually refocus which will make your entire video look terrible - on the virge of unwatchable.

(3) One of the most common errors in a simple one-camera steady cam (that is a camera that will not change position) error is that people have a tendency to try "foot of the bed" photography. This is a camera angle that aims to "get right where the action is" or so they think. Here's what happens: you get film where very little is visible and even in good lighting, you will end up with a very dark, grainy output. Instead, steady a camera to the SIDE to take a profile view. This makes the film far more watchable and means you will have less issues with focus and quality of finished product.

(4) Have even lighting. Having read several other blogs (too numerous to single out one) I'm aware of the look/feel people have for candles. That's great, but candles or "hot lighting" within your room (like a single lamp) create really unbalanced lighting. An analog camera, in this case, can provide a slightly better even picture, as a digital camera will have a tendency to change the brightness of the recording to compensate for that light, and you end up with a film that is fairly dark in most places, bright in one corner.

There you go, some of the best tips for simple - but good looking. Of course, providing the action.. that's up to the actors.

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