Memorial Day & Commemoration  

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5/28/2006 7:50 am
Memorial Day & Commemoration

In all the hooplah of the added holiday and vacations, we sometimes forget the root of memorial day, the rememberance of men in armed forces who gie their lives.

Whether you agree or disagree with any cause in which they fight, their sacrifice deserves rememberance.

Memorial day has been used at many times in our history to celebrate life of those fallen, to make statements about the movement of society and to look forward.

In the 1950s, Memorial day was a somber rememberance of recently past WWII, a war in which almost every US family lost at least a relative; and where those of Jewish decent lost entire families, as well as commemorated the loss of those who fought to save them. Other Americans mourned those lost fighting Japan, and more mourned those lost to wars of attrition and Atomic weaponry.

In the early 1960s, Memorial day was changed into a celebration of life - while we remembered the deaths of those in WWII, we celebrated the peace that had followed and Memorial day slipped into becoming a vacation holiday as we remember it.

By 1968, however, it was a different story. Memorial Day became a rallying cry in several areas for anti-war protests. Memorial day also began the first 'peace orgy' protests, and 'give love a chance' rallies. As San Fransisco, New York, and many others rallied around decrying the terror that begat Memorial Day, it became the starting point for what in the end would become the free love movement.

Since then, however, right around the time of my birth (74) Memorial Day has went back to being a vacation holiday primarily; we remember it in passing. Those who have lost friends and family remember it especially, but our society is so fast moving, with so low of an attention span, that it is now celebrated mostly by blockbuster movie releases and weekend barbecues.

However you celebrate Memorial day, do it safely and have fun!

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