HPV Vaccine Makes Major Headway in Women's Health  

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6/8/2006 5:50 pm

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HPV Vaccine Makes Major Headway in Women's Health

Today, the FDA has officially approved a vaccination that effectively prevents contraction of HPV. HPV, sometimes referred to as "warts" (genital and other) has been directly linked in some forms to cervical cancer and infects over 5.5 Million Americans a year. While HPV is non-fatal, because it is spread skin-to-skin, condoms are not an effective practice to stop or prevent HPV, thus making this vaccine of enormous importance for women.


But, there is a dark side...

At the same time that the HPV vaccine comes to the market, there is a growing complaint regarding the level of research monies spent to "cure" an STD. As NBC and others point out, some groups find that this effort "stripped dollars out of projects that need it more". Somehow, I am unsure of how stopping or lowering the rate of cervical cancer is somehow insignificant.

In the end, what this really boils down to is a play on human sexuality, a desire to prevent work done to stop STDs - the bugaboo of those who favor a more Victorian era etiquette to sex, by effectively saying "oh well, you got what you deserve" to those who contract STDs.

Such a method is sick and repugnant, but it is, in effect, waht those who are lobbying against work on vaccines such as this proclaim. They are effectively telling the public that the work is "bad" because curing the "sinners" is not worth their time.

Many who contract HPV do so through husbands/spouses; and the CDC believes that HPV, due to it's skin to skin transfer method may be spread by means other then sex as well. (Though sexual activity is most commonly linked, it is not, unlike many other STDs, a dead on requirement, only physical contact)

The vaccine is most effect when administered to women 16-23. I would encourage people to look into it with an open eye. Vaccinating your daughter is not, as some would contend "saying to her to sin" (a direct quote from local radio), but rather, it is giving her a chance to live with a significantly lowered risk of Cervical Cancer. And isn't that the point?

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