"Weeds" returns for Season 2.  

rm_Pebcac80 42M
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8/14/2006 9:46 pm
"Weeds" returns for Season 2.

And a great start to the season. I'm always impressed by the writing efforts put forward on this show.

Showtime often gets looked at as the "eh" network for counter-programming. Whereas HBO has a history of trotting out truly stunning shows, like Sopranos, etc. Showtime is often remembered for crap.

But Showtime at times has given us some interesting programming (The Outer Limits being another favorite).

Weeds really took me in with Season 1, it's witty, off color writing style and it's suprisingly strong interactions between characters kept me coming back.

Add to that the incredible soundtrack, and you've got must-see TV.

Season 2 sure got off to a "bang" with Nancy discovering she'd just fucked a DEA agent, her boy banging his GF in their house, and a fight-out in city hall over a traffic light.

This is good stuff. If you haven't seen "Weeds" yet, make the effort.

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