Day One  

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3/10/2006 12:26 pm

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Day One

Summer 1974. I remember wind in my hair. In the back seat of my father's convertable '69 Firebird with my brother. I was four years old. He was eight. We were going to see my Dad's parents. They lived an hour away and Dad was dropping us off for the summer. He needed a vacation. Being a single father for the past three years was taking it's toll.

Our mother had left the three of us one week after I had turned one year old. She left a note - 'Went for donuts. Be back soon.' The next time I saw her was when I was six. Her disappearence raised the suspicion of the local police and they hauled Dad off for awhile to question him. It was my mother's parents who came to the rescue of my Dad. They knew he hadn't done anything wrong. He was a cool cat(still is) who had helped them build their cabin in Colorado. He could do no wrong(still can't). Two months later my mother calls begging him for money because she's pregnant w/some other guy, a trucker. Yippee!! I would have a half-brother soon...

When Dad got back he was on fire. His dedication to my bro and me went into overdrive. He had decided to buck up and find us a new mother. He also found us a family. She was already a mother. Our threesome had doubled. A stepmother, brother and sister. And they weren't done. A year after they wed, the glue that still binds our family was born. Little sisters are great.

Do you think this blog/story will interest you? I'll keep writing if there is enough readers who want to hear more. The best is yet to come of course...

sassybelle21 32F
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3/10/2006 2:18 pm

Welcome to blogville and happy blogging You write so well and I love it!! It's easy to read too. Keep writing. I will read even if no one else will. I am sorry to hear about what your mom did though. I understand because my mom cheated on my dad and still is

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