My biggest fantasy  

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4/29/2006 5:41 pm

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My biggest fantasy

It is a brisk fall day, and two of my female friends and I are in my bed room, and we are watching a movie. The two of them are inexplicably dressed as school girls, with nothing on underneath their skirts. One of them, lets call her Rachel, is feeling frisky, and starts to rub my penis outside of my pants. The other girl, lets call her Kate, gets the message and begins kissing me with great passion.

Before I know it, my pants are undone, and my throbbing penis is exposed to the world. The girls pause for a moment to unbutton their blouses and then both of them begin to gently feel my member. They use their fingertips, tracing over it, feeling every contour until Rachel cant take it anymore, and takes me into her mouth. Kate then disappears for a moment, and comes back with nothing on but a strap-on.

Rachel is too into the blow job to notice Kate, until Kate comes up behind her, and plunges the strap-on into her wet, dripping pussy. Rachel lets out a moan of delight, and then comes back at my penis with even more passion. So I am laying on the bed, Rachel is on her knees infront of me, and Kate is standing up fucking her. Rachel is moving her head faster and taking it in deeper. She then takes it all into her mouth, and I feel like I am about to burst. I pull her mouth off of me to prevent this from happening.

I then instruct Kate to stop for a second and lay face up on the bed. I tell Rachel to lay on top of her. I take some lube, and lube up the dildo nice and good. I also get alot on my fingers, and start to finger Rachel in the ass. Once I feel like she is nice and lubed, I guide the dildo into her ass. They start to grind nice and slow, and Rachel is moaning with pleasure.

This opens up the perfect oportunity for me to pleasure them with my mouth. Kate's pink pussy is visible throught the slot left for it in the strap-on. I push my tongue through the slot and use my tongue to play with her lips. Kate starts to move her hips in unison with my mouth allowing my tongue to slide in and out of her hole part of the way.

Not wanting to play favorites, I move up to Rachel. Her pussy is easier to access, allowing my a fuller range of motion. I begin by kissing and sucking the inside of her thighs, working my way towards her lips. When I finally make it to her lips, I take one between my lips, and play with it, with my tongue. I then trace the outside of her outer lips with my tongue and then the inside, and finally, ending inside her vagina. I fuck her vagina with my tongue for a short while, occasionally moving up to her clitoris, until it is time to move on.

To be continued...

rm_PU8In 29M
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4/29/2006 5:48 pm

I will finish soon.

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