Why is it that once is not enough?  

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7/24/2006 1:14 pm

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Why is it that once is not enough?

This is my first blog, so pardon me if it sucks. But what can you do....
I wonder why it is that we, meaning our society, is so anti-sex? I mean why is it that we're all so afraid of sex?
I am married. Quite happily so, but my dear wife just isn't interested. She tells me its not me it's just that she doesn't get turned on very often by anybody or anything.
She feels sorry for me and so encouraged me to find some relief outside of our relationship. Just one rule - casual sex - nothing that would lead to our breakup. I can dig that. I don't want to lose her but I would love to have sex more than once a month. Also she rarely comes, no matter what I do, so that adds to her frustration a well as mine.
What I'd like to do is meet a girl who loves doing it! And does it as much as she wants. No strings attached just the joy of making love to another human being just for the pleasure of it.
But...there is the taboo in our society that frowns or even forbids recreational sex like that. Now I'm not advocating no bounds free sex. I think before you have sex with a person there should be some kind of connection. ButI don't think the connection has to be a ring or a vow.
Here's my fantasy...I meet a nice girl, younger or the same age, who just wants to play. Just in it for the pleasure and the sharing of bodily fluids. No strings just mutual lust.
What's wrong with that? Especially when my wife approves. And she does approve. We've had long discussions about this by the way. Initiated by her no less. She really feels badly that she can't get herself going and feels terribly for me. I keep hoping that one day the switch will turn back on, but not so far. When we were younger she was crazy about sex. We've done it everywhere in many different ways. We even tried to arrange a threesome and a foursome but our prospective friends backed out at the last minute. I suggested that we try it again and maybe that would get her going. She said she'd try and we set it up. But when the time came she was flat. Couldn't get interested eventhough the guy was a hunk! We sat around the whole night talking dirty trying to get her going but nothing. They even made out in front of us and she was flat. They offered for me to join in but I couldn't do that with her sitting there watching. When I told her that she suggested that I try it on my own with someone else. She's not sure she wants to know about it, but she's quite eager to have it happen.
So here I am. Looking for sex with someone who understands the plight of a happily married man. And as if that wasn't enough there seems to be no easy way to do this. So here I am on this site. Hoping someone will share my desire and let me know.

Email me. I'm worth every second of it.

rm_Julia3891 33F

1/6/2007 12:02 am

Maybe u should finger out what it will take to get ur wife to cum! I mean really. Might make her like it more and do it more. Or u could just cum fuk me. (did I say that? oops!)

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