Well...It happened!  

rm_PJH16 63M
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8/28/2006 11:51 am
Well...It happened!

Yes indeed it has happened.

I met a beautiful lady via this site and we exchanged emails.

Then we decided to meet and see what became of that. It was truly orgasmic.

We spent the entire afternoon, evening, night and next morning together. Probably 20 of the best hours of my life.

She was amazing. I've never had felatio performed on me like that. It was as if she was born to do it. Her mouth was soft and tender, yet very adept at the task. She absolutely drove me wild.

We fit together like a perfect connection. I made her come so many times she lost count as did I. It was truly a touch of heaven.

Now several days later I sit and think of her beautiful breasts and lucious pussy. I get a hard on just reliving that time over in my mind. She satisfied me like I haven't been satisfied in years. Wow!!

I need to find more women like her, but that's not likely. Actually I probably could only handle one or two more like her anyway.

I can hardly wait till our next time together. It will truly be a blissful event.

So the search continues, but at least I know I have found one true diamond in the group.

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